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Hi guys,
Im new to the forum but since years enjoying to read all the expertise provided here.

I have never caught any fish above 10kg since i mainly fish from shore (jigging, stickbaiting) in the mediterranean and catching bigger fish requires a lot of know how and luck there, but recently found a spot, where quite large AJs and BFT up to 50kg show up more or less often. So for my next trip i'm looking for a good setup to tackle those from shore.

I'm planning right now to go for
Saltiga 20 14000XH,
0.33 Saltiga braid
But i havent been able to find a suitable Travel Rod for this purpose.
However i have the Shimano STC Monster Spin and the STC shore boat.
Do you think that one of those would be sufficient?

I would be happy about any advice regarding the choice of Reel, Braid,
And especially on a good Travel Rod, keeping in mind that i need high casting distances from shore

Looking forward to some nice discussions!

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By the way Clupea… please
Video what you catch. I would
Love to watch a video of someone pulling on an AJ or Bluefin with and eleven foot pole…. The aussies are getting good with camera drones with clip releases from shore for tuna and other big fish… Some excellent videos out there… if you Use the drone a 7 Foot Pole will work fine since the drone will do your casting for you…. An 11 foot
Pole will be quite the butt kicking on a 50Kg tuna

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