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I HAVE A JX_ 2 speed. I really like it. BE CAREFUL and watch the strike lever. IT can move into freespool if you are clumbsy. HELLof alot of power torque and top drag as ever needed. TRY the hoo, and compare the improvement at the strike lever settings. TNE HOO has a little click in ball that helps it stay at the strike, full setting when handing the rod or if you bump it or untangle it etc. I lost more than one fish but not latley. I just force myself to be cool calm and collected and keep the "OTHERS" the heck away from me !!! until after I'm at color, then we can be equals. Until that time its all about the fish and me !! whack em in the head with one swift geff swing. HOO_HA !!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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