looking for a smaller spinning reel

Discussion in 'Reels' started by baldurs390, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. baldurs390

    baldurs390 Senior Member

    i will be doing some fluke fishing and also some bass fishing around block island

    looking for a spinning reel. looking to hold about 200 to 300 yards of 30lb braid. also not looking to break the bank i am a poor college kids lol

    any ideas?

    i have a stradic 2500 and also a biomaster 300 looking to go a lil bigger

  2. Jason4606

    Jason4606 Tuna Club member

    I personally like the new Stradic FI series... But if you want to step up a notch how about 4000FE Sustain, or 2500 Fuego or Caldia? (Caldia is sim to Advantage but has upgraded bearings and larger diameter main shaft from what I can tell.)
  3. Van Wildonher

    Van Wildonher Member

    Quantum Cabo 50 would be pretty good.
  4. mike garone

    mike garone Well-Known Member

    I really like the Diawa Coastal. I have one in the 2500 size and it is a sweet reel
  5. gmack

    gmack Senior Member

    If you are looking for a really inexpensive reel the Shimano Sienna is excellent. I have had the 2500 size for a few years and they are great. You can get them for $30.

    For a moderate priced reel I have the Daiwa Exceler. Cost $70. This reel has impressed me. I've been using the 2500 size for inshore redfish, sheephead, etc. I've caught a few bruiser fish (red/black drum) in the 25# range and the reels handled it great.

    On the expensive end the Shimano Stradic FI. In my opinion is the best small spinning reel made. Silky smooth and tough as hell. The earlier model stradic is what brought me back to try Shimano reels. The 2500 stradic I had (white body) caught everything from speckled trout to red snapper. I loved that reel. Next year I plan to replace my Daiwa Excelers with new Stradics.

  6. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    i second the cabo 50/60 i love them and they are very reasonible both new and used. i also love my stradic 4000fi. its much smaller and lighter than the white and gold stradic 4000. you can find them on ebay for cheap!
  7. baldurs390

    baldurs390 Senior Member

    sounds great and my rents own a tackle shop so gotta love the wholesale costs :0