Looking for a good deal on some braid

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by bigshellbeachbum, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. bigshellbeachbum

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    Looking for some advice, I need to purchase some braided line. I will be putting it on a Stella 20000 and 18000. I am thinking of 80 and 65 respectively. I have seen that multi-colored line and was thinking about that. Was wondering who has the best price?
    Thanks Scott
  2. kidflex

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    check out daiwa boat braid. good price and reliable line

  3. 2busy

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    I seen some over on Charkbait in their closeout section.I think it was berkly brand
  4. Pope

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  5. Adrianw

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    As far as colored line, I have only used OTI and it has performed very well. The best thing about braid is that you buy it once and it lasts forever if take care of it, that is if you buy quality.

    360Tackle :: Lines :: OTI DepthFinder Line - Multicolor PE Braid - 80lb Test

    Sorry a bit OT. How you guys take care of braid after fishing? Despool and soak the line in warm water for couple of days and air dry for few days?

    Tight lines!
  6. lite-liner

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    beachbum- The OTI depthfinder line is awesome, and seems to hold up after time. Realistically, if jigging, you will probably only need 500'(167 yards)
    to fish depth accurately. My choice would be to start w/ 120-150yards of a
    quality solid-core braid like Izor, Jerry Brown, Varivas, etc., then finish off w/ 500' of depthfinder, and a 20' flouro leader.
    For casting,popping obviously depthfinder line is not really applicable, so use
    a quality Hollow-core spectra from the same co.'s, so you can use wind-on leaders. some have argued that hollow-core creates problems on spinners when casting (less distance,wind knots,etc), but I have not experienced any of those issues, so far......
    Power-pro works, but seems to weaken/degrade quickly.
    this is only one guys opinion, though:D
  7. lordhell

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    Sorry a bit OT. How you guys take care of braid after fishing? Despool and soak the line in warm water for couple of days and air dry for few days?

    Tight lines!

    If you go alot, like every weekend, then service it a couple of times throughout the year. If you don't, just service it once a year and it's good. You're mainly looking to prevent corrosion at the base of the reel spool by taking off the line and cleaning off salt deposits.
  8. hstsw

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    bigshellbeachbum - I would recommend Daiwa Samurai & Boat braid - PE6 or PE8
    OTI multi-color are great too - I haven't use it yet
    Suffix Multi-color is new - got 333 yards of 65lbs on my Stella 6000FA / prefer Daiwa Boat braid - Y8 - cast great
  9. moonsoft

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    Well I hit ebay and found some guy in australia selling Pelagic extreme, pretty cheap too!! solid spectra braid, roughly about 500m 80lb for about $37.00 US

    Found another one 1200 meters for under 100m
  10. rtran

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    That's a great deal, let us know how it works out.
  11. SkeeterRonnie

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    well- my cheap asss buys 1100 yard spools of Spiderwire Stealth on ebay for ~$60 each. never had a breakage issue what so ever.... decent line for me. its solid core. for anything over 100- i go to hollow and use Jerry Brown.

    if moneys not tight, the OTI depthfinder line would be my buy.