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    I am looking at my first long range charter for 10 plus days..I have "some gear" and realise I need some more..I have looked at the 'suggestions" from Red Rooster etc and numerous sites..but this site seems to have LOTS of experienced fishermen..
    I really am only interested in tuna..big cows..would be a dream :rolleyes:

    I have

    1) single speed 665 Accurate..??30 # rig looking at Xnergy rod....

    2) single speed 665 Accurate.....40# rig..looking again at Xnergy rod

    3) 2 speed 665 w Accurate......50 # rig...looking at Xnergy rod..

    4) ATD 30 2 speed Accurate.....80# rig..????what rod????Xnergy?

    I am looking at getting my.."heavy rigging "..will get a ACCURATE ATD 50w 2 speed and match it with a CALSTAR 760 H roller rod I already have should make a great 135# set up ???

    Final set up is Accurate ATD 80w 2 SPEED for my 200# set up..I am thinking a Calstar 760 XH with Winthrop rollers and Titanium roller tip...I want top of the line (sorry for the pun) gear will this be a sufficiant list of starter rods and reels??

    I AM going with JB lines..and Braid harnesses from reading past posts..

    Although $$$$ is not in great abundance..I do have 4 Accurate reels already for halibut and sturgon..and one sweet calstar rod...so 1 more calstar and 2 more Accurate reels ....after 33 years as a Trauma Paramedic I want to be ready for retirement in 2 years :D and am ramping my equipment up to have "great ' gear that performs as good as cabn be found..do it once and do it right so when " BIG LOUIE " comes knocking my equipment doesnt let me down I only have myself to blame....If Personal E-MAILS are easier..RATHER that point out publically how much I need to learn..:eek: I would appreciate that I have learned that buy it once buy it right..


  2. lordhell

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    #1, #2, #3 setup, go get yourself OTI conventional 300g rods. #4, 600g OTI rod. Can't help u with the 80W, pick a stout boat rod I guess.

  3. SpecialK

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    I agree with lordhell. Do yourself a fovr and buy OTI. They have superb rods and the company has great customer service.
  4. Ricky-Ray

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    Almost all the long range boats offer loaner equipment. And all of them offer great gear that is well taken care of. Call the office and they can get you squared away on loaner gear. Usually it would be a small rental fee or just pay for the line spool up.

    I've never used the OTI rods before and I've never really seen any of them out here on the west coast. The longest I've done so far is a 5.5 day but I know quite a few friends that do 10+ day long range trips and the main rods that are used are either the Calstar or Seeker Rods. Lately the biggest one being the Super Seeker series of rods. Super Seeker 6463XXXH along with an Avet 30w has been a killer combo for quite a few of my friends. Once they hook onto a cow, they just lay the rod on the rail and put the wood to them.
  5. BretABaker

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    CA guys haven't taken to the new, light japanese style blanks or high end spinning reels to a large degree. but give it time ;)
  6. hstsw

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    CA guys haven't taken to the new, light japanese style blanks or high end spinning reels to a large degree. but give it time ;)

    Yeah once they start using light japanese style blanks or rods - it will be hard not to use them
  7. Ricky-Ray

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    Different styles of fishing call for different types of gear. Kindda hard to rail rod a coffee grinder.
  8. rtran

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    I think we are talking about blanks more or less
  9. feeder

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    Depends on when your 10 day is going. If you go earlier in the season (oct-mid november) I think they target a more "mixed bag" of fish instead of just cows. Later in the season the 200lb and higher hosses show up. The gear for them is somewhat different since you'll either be getting more use out of your 50lb rigs versus your heavy gear, most of the time.

    If you're fishing for cows you have your choice between stand up vs. harness. I'm guessing since you're buying a Braid harness you're trying the stand up approach. If you have the chance to go and test some blanks out, do so before buying. Different people are comfortable with different blank action, length and weight. If you're looking to "buy it once" go with a reputable rod builder that can match you to your needs. Just tell him the fish you're going after, line class you'll be fishing and fishing method (rail vs harness).

    As far as blanks go I love my Calstars and Seekers. Calstar makes some great tuna rod blanks (760H, 7455XXH[extra fast model of the 755XH]) that can be built to fit your needs as a stand up rig. The Super Seekers are awesome too. The Super Seeker 6463XXXH and 6463XXXXH are beasts that work great as rail rods. I think if you're fishing for cows the standard big game reels of 50s from Avet, Accurate, Penn and Shimano will work. You got the right idea going with Accurates and filling with JB hollow.
  10. LT1

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    Feeder has some very good points. For the later 10 days trips, go and pull on some Calstars and Seekers. Also, a 50W is really not necessary. Go with a regular width 50. You could even go with your 30 and do fine.

    If you do an early 10 day trip (Oct-early November) it truly will be a mixed bag. The Accurate 665's are great reels, but I am not so sure it would be the best for a 30-40lb bait/jig reel. For bait, you need a reel that can cast a small sardine quite a ways. An 870 or even a 270 would be a better choice. Outside of Accurates you have a host of choices that include Avets, daiwa saltigas or saltists, Penn torques or even 535gs, newells and all the way down to the lowly jigmaster.

  11. BretABaker

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    Different styles of fishing call for different types of gear. Kindda hard to rail rod a coffee grinder.

    haha yeah i know its different....though didnt fishordie make something to rail a spinner??

    all thins aside, i think the new blanks are strong enough.....just unproven on the cows off baja.
  12. SRUPP

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    Hmmm THANKS GUYS..GREAT INFO...I use the 665's for King salmon fishing..here in British Columbia Canada...and we cast from shore on the Skeena River with 16 oz weights in the fast current...so I am well versed in casting these Acccurate 665 's with cast control...

    As for Acccurate..since I am a "pro staff " from Canada with this company I have a great selection of reels ..not anything bigger than a ATD 30..however THAT is soon gonna change..lol

    Anyone recomend a reputable rod builder that I can get a blank sent to..and some Winthrop roller guides in 130# class...

    I have an "invite " to join some guys off Oregon for some smaller tuna and will get a chance to do my first tuna fishing before late fall...

    All information and help is GLADLY accepted...I am also going to drop Matt @ Accurate a note for his imput and Mr Jack Nilsen...

    You guys ROCK!


  13. Ricky-Ray

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    Here's a few rod guys that I can recommend for sure that can build you a rod that will definitely kill a cow tuna if that's what you are after.

    Mike Ahern - — Nim Custom Rods
    He's a friend of mine and my main go to guy for any rod that I want done. He's also done quite a few rods for alot of long range guys too that fish anywhere from 10-18 day trips.

    Fisherman's Depot
    9836 Flower St.
    Bellflower, CA 90706
    (562) 925-5200
    Ask for Moon. I don't believe he has his website up yet.

    Taka's Bait & Tackle
    2707 W. Lincoln Ave.
    Anaheim, CA 92801
    (714) 527-2920
    Taka's Bait & Tackle
    Talk to Mr. Taka himself. He's been building rods for a long time now.
  14. LT1

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    Srupp--Casting with a 16oz weight is totally different than trying to cast a 4-6" sardine into the hot zone. The 665 is a great reel, but I think you will cast a bit better with a 270. Spool is not as heavy and the inertia to get it moving is not as great.

    Moon and Taka build great rods.

  15. fishordie

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    Yo Srupp,

    Lots of good info already been given but here is some of mine. I go Long Range about 40 - 50 days a year here on the West Coast which is what I am sure you are talking about. The thin noodles have not caught on here for a number of reasons but the main one is the advent of rail rodding. Its easy, fun and really puts the hurt to the fish. Also because you are fishing from a stable platform that does not chase the fish we tend to want more backbone than other parts of the world. As of now Super Seekers have taken over a large part of the Long Range Market. The combination of softer tips which blend beautifully into the mid range of the rod and then into a very stiff butt section really allows the angler to put some wood to the fish. Additionally, West Coasters rarely pump high and reel down low anymore on these longer trips. Short Strokes for some and straight Rail Rodding for others.

    Your Accurate's are fantastic reel of which I have all of them and use them allmost exclusively. For trips up to 10 days, between June and Sept. the majority of gear is going to fall in the 40 and 50 pound range. Spanyid Raider,
    Salas 6X Jr. and 7 lights are used big time during this season. I mostly am using 50# for throwing Iron these days. Thus the Accurate 270 and 870 (I prefer the B-2 series) are going to be your go to rigs. Mine are all backed with Jerry Brown Hollow Spectra, 60#. This enables you to use loop to looped top shots and wind ons to keep 100% strength in your connections.
    Your 665 Single speed is fine for fishing 50# but really the new B-2 665 has expanded the useable range of this reel which can fish up to 80# with Hollow Spectra backing it. Filling your ATD 30 with 100# hollow allows you to fish this reel with loop to loop top shots of 60# (Which is almost never used) up to 200#. The ATD 30 Is my Go to Big fish reel when we are hunting Cows. The 10 days cow trips generally begin in Novemeber and continue into January or on rare occasions into Feb. Big Fish, on trips in excess of 14 days are available year round for a Chance at Cows.

    Your thoughts on the 80 W are yesterdays news. Though I still have My Accurate 80 for the Kite, It rarely gets used more than a few times a trip as that is by rotation. Even your discussion on a 50W is still too much reel as Spectra has changed the entire mind set of the size of the reels. We have been going smaller and smaller every year. With the new Accurate series of Extreme Boss Reels, I am really liking the 30.

    As a Note, I always take 3 spinners with me from Accurate. The 12, 20 and now 50 size spinners. They are wonderful and Yes, I am the guy that has the Thunder Down Under Rail rod devices for spinners.

    If you P.M me I can give you my phone number if you wish to discuss this more. You are going to LOVE West Coast Long Range. Heck, I leave on a 16 day trip a week from Friday.

  16. MrBill

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    I hope you get to use that Twinspin 50 this trip. It should handle a cow without any problems. What size line did you put on it? I'm not buying one until I see or hear of some reports.
  17. feeder

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    As far as reputable rod builders around here (DFW Texas area) I think Txseadog is one of the ones that should be considered. I've never had him build a rod for me, but I've seen his work up close when he brings them to Bass Pro. Really top notch stuff. He's built a few rods for a number of the guys on this board and have yet to hear anything negative.

    Hey Fishordie, are you going to be on the Intrepid in Nov for Wahoodad's trip?