local inshore reports? put them here. I'll start........

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    report #1
    Rockport, Texas.
    My friend & I waded a local "downtown" reef at dawn, 1st fish (mine) was the big one in 18" of water @ dawn. 22" fish on a bone super spook jr.
    Had another blowup about 5 casts later with a bigger fish that came out of the water to roll on my fatboy. no idea how I didn't hook up.......
    Meanwhile, my buddy was working a shoal of finger mullet that was getting ripped by everything, but couldn't get tight. He did nail a couple fish in the 19-20" range on a soft-dine XL.
    I'm just about to eat one right now........
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    Trout? Or redfish?

  3. Kim

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    Report from Mary Esther Florida

    Fishing the dock light at night using twitch baits (surface, suspending and sinking), alive shrimp (fake rubber kind) getting a good mix of short Speckled Trout and Redfish. There are a couple keeper sixe fish in the mix and they are tending to hang at the edges of the light in the water.

    No decent surface blow ups on top water lures but I'm still giving it a go.
  4. Kim

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    LL with the windy conditions we are having what are you throwing for the Speckled Trout during the daytime?
  5. J-Philla

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    Freeport:Christmas bay- lots of reds along the north shoreline, saw a school the other day that had a couple hundred strong in it. The shrimp have made it back into the bay thicker than a couple of weeks ago, so the fishing has only gotten better. Flounder have been coming back in i guess as well, my buddies caught limits last week on arties, around the mouth of the rivers down here.
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    Small stripers in the back of barnegate bay good winter flounder and white pearch in the rivers of central nj
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  7. Kim

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    Pensacola, Okaloosa Island and Panama City Beach Piers have lots of bait, Spanish are around in good numbers, some Kings have shown up along with some Cobia. Choctawhatchee Bay is filling up with bait and the Trout and Red Fish are running the schools through the Bay, look for the birds and Pelicans diving on them. Might be why the Trout have had lock jaw around the dock lights this past week so it's time to start doing some changing out of lures to find out what they like. The first wave of fish were hitting anything because they were hungry and now are getting picky, the nice Trout in the 20" range are charging the lures but pulling up short without hitting.
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    Redfish off the dock on Santa Rosa Sound are biting, live bait. My son took his family out to Pensacola Beach yesterday and could not lose a sand flea But he brought home several Spanish caught from the beach on shiny jigs.
  9. Kim

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    Dog woke me up at 5 Am to go sniff around in the yard and I couldn't go back to sleep. So I went down to the dock to give a couple casts to see if I could catch something. I was working an Alive Shrimp on my second cast when I came up tight. Landed a nice slot 26" Redfish which is going to be dinner tonight!
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    After a long sojourn off the water it finally worked out and I spent the day fishing with friends Ben and Rosia. Weather was pretty much perfect, seas started out fair, laid down flat when the wind changed and picked back up a little on the way in. Didn't see any schools of bait but there was some because we did see several schools of Bonita working the surface.

    He went to a hard bottom area and hit a half a dozed spots within a mile or so of each other. We did manage to put some fish in the box, two nice red Grouper, three trashcan lid Trigger Fish, some nice Mingos and a few porgies as well. Along with that we did catch and release one ARS that might have been a keeper and about six AJ all sort at 28 - 32 inches. Main reason for changing spots was that the Trigger were pretty thick and ate our live baits a bite at a time and that wasn't good for grouper fishing. Other than the one ARS, they weren't there.

    I did get the try the Blue Rose rod which I had paired with a Stella 20K FA and I like it. I did throw an Orca sinking lure at Bonita a couple times. Got one hit but couldn't set the hook because I forgot to set the drag. Also had a few follow it to the boat but couldn't entice a bite from them. IMG_62581.jpg IMG_62621.jpg
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