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    I was over at the Hull Truth and inquiring about were to get points for offshore fishing.
    I wanted ridges, ledges, mounds, reefs, platforms existing and removed. I was willing to pay a couple hundred bucks. I was advised to joint Fishing Status site. It is only $7 a month. I was very skeptical! Site said they have over 400 thousands points world wide! I joined, so cheap, almost free... I could cancel my membership and get the points for just 7 bucks, but I feel that would be wrong. They have a lot of fishing reports.
    Anyway. I loaded the points to my Garmin. I am hoping to go offshore July 6th (My birthday) but I am waiting for the Honda Marine place to get in my O2 sensor.
    I loaded the points in Garmin's HomePort. I was able to take out points I did not want (inland, etc) and add points I had from other fishermen. Now to focus on GEAR!
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    Not sure how to plan my first offshore trip.
    I am planning on running out 20 miles to an underwater obstruction.
    We will then put all our lines out off the back and start trolling at 13 to 15.
    I created a track and will upload it to my chart plotter that will start there and zig-zags to 40 miles offshore running over underwater reefs, rocks, wrecks etc. We will troll along this path at 13 to 15 mph while watching the sonar.
    Any comments on this plan?

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    Here is a screen capture of what I am planning.
    The X's in circles are removed platforms.
    Trolling Loop.jpg
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    The removed platforms have had the bottom scrubbed so there is nothing there. It's the law.
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    Rigs are decommissioned and removed to another location.
    No structure left to fish.

    While each boat will have a different sweet spot to troll,
    and depends on current direction, wind and wave height.
    Trolling at 13-15mph for tuna is a bit fast,
    and you probably will not be able to keep your lures swimming
    properly at that speed with mono or braid.

    I would look to start at about 9 mph for tuna.

    Look at some sea temp charts to get an idea where
    water temp breaks are, to look for tuna in an area.
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    Ok, I read here somewhere on this forum that at 9 to 10 no hits until they increased speed to 13 - 15.
    I guess over time with more time fishing, I will eventually figure out what works for me.
    I posted what I was thinking to get input, so I can adjust what I try first.
    15, sounded fast to me, but I was always told a tuna can hit the hook at 40 mph.
    And from experience I know when they hit the side of the boat they can run straight down at incredible speed while the bandit is screaming with smoke coming off the brake!
    I had a green tuna rocket straight down and broke the arm off the bandit. No matter how much we tightened the brake it was unstoppable!
    He was on 500 lb mono
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    Don't believe most of what you read on internet fishing sites.

    Maybe higher speed worked that day.
    If you spent 1000 days trolling for tuna.
    90%+ of your fish would come from trolling
    at speeds between 7.5 to 9.5 mph

    Faster you troll, especially with an outboard(s)
    more dirty water you put in the wake,
    and more difficult it is to have clean water channels
    to troll your lures in.

    Good luck on your trip.
  9. JohnnyMax

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    Thanks for the heads up HJ
    Weather looks good for the 6th, but we are a week out, who know what it will be.