livelining for Tuna?

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by jippie98, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. jippie98

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    I have just started fishing for BFT this year up in Maine. I was considering trying to liveline for them.....What is the best method for consistant results. I cannot chum....dogs will ruin the day. What size/type of hook?
    What advice could you give a newbie.....:)
  2. TheSwab

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    I typically use owner or gami 2-3x, 3/0-5/0 live bait hooks for chunking and livelining baits. The short shank hooks normally hook the fish in the corner of the jaw 90% of the time. Downsize your leaders and match the hatch. Make sure you are fishing where there are fish.


  3. TheGoodShepherd

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    I use gami big game live bait 9/0 or 10/0 with '10 130# flouro leaders, chafing gear on the hook, and aluminium crimps.

    When the leaders get chewed up you can cut them back and reuse the hook with a new hook, flouro and the hooks are expensive. when they get down to under 5' I toss the leaders, I use a spro swivel from the leader to the main line, again use chafing gear there too.

    I use pogies and had good luck this year, use heavy leaders the tunny will chafe them pretty well, then, BTW since your north you can use the same set up for macks too.

    Tight lines chris