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Little breeze from Marquises Islands : at work ...

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Kaoha Nui everyone,

To quote my buddy: " party is over ", time to go back work !
Camp is set somewhere on the wild side of Nuku Hiva. The program for two days is: shorefishing, BBQ and sleeping… Tough life !

Only one obligation: catch Mahi for our BBQ and bonitoes for the typical Polynesian raw fish recipe.
To summarize: while Mahi and bonitoes were too easy to catch, big GTs just kicked our ass.
We only succeeded to land baby GTs from the rocks and a few teen GTs from the beach.

The big black ones were just unstoppable: when it's too big and too strong … It's just too big and too strong.

What a perfect way to start a new year ! I love my work !
Sinking Temple GUZZI, Slow sinking Temple LAMBO 240 and BALLISTA BULL 160 were the must have for these two days. But now, I must ask Randy to send me some more …
Only one regret: no YFT for the sashimi.

Rods : Temple Reef
  • Reefer 85-8 with Stella SW20000
  • Reefer 711-10 with Stella SW20000

Hot Lures :
  • Temple Reef GUZZI, LAMBO 240 and BALLISTA BULL 160.
  • Hammerhead Cherry Pie 180
  • Tiemco Salty Red Pepper Max

Next week : Gambiers Islands … Another kind of workdays.

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Damn you have a hard life :)
lets trade jobs!!!!!
Landbased the only way :) love your work.
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Holy crap! Land based fishing at it's finest!
I agree, landbased game is impressive. Good job! Maybe you can encourage Randy to develop a landbased GT rod?
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Those are some great pics! Really dig that last one.
Can't wait to get my reefer 76-12 bent
Randy said:
we are testing a 10ft and 11ft model for LB GTs Amazing rod, strong and very light for its length.
Cool, look forward to details when available. Hope it works out!
LBG all the way!

Please keep the LB posts coming! Awesome.
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