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Discussion in 'Billfish' started by BLenger, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    Just joined as a member and site looks great with loads of info and hope I can share some of my experiences in the future.

    I am after some advice on line selection for my Shimano 80WA reel that I recently purchased for Trolling. I am relatively new to trolling and have read up on the internet and watched a few guys in action but never had the interest until recently hooking a Marlin while Jigging, sort story got bit off after about 10mins however a great fight.
    I am based in Hong Kong originally from Australia and jig off shore in the South China sea near the oil rigs but do venture every few months to Okinawa Japan mainly jigging and will try some trolling in the rest period between jigging.

    I was considering PPro Hollow Core Spectra 200lb with a 100ft 200lb mono top shot and wind on leader. Would like some recommendation on line selection and brand of mono to best suit the reel for trolling. I would also be interested if any one has experience with Jerry Brown spectra because this appears to be a lot cheaper than PPro and not sure why. Is there any diameter difference between hollow core spectra and solid as I see PPro have both? I am considering Hollow core so that I can run my top shot into the hollow core and use the finger trap method similar to a wind on leader. Last question any idea how much 200lb PPro spectra will fit onto the 80W?

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    The Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Core is MILES better than the PowerPro my opinion JB and Momoi Diamond are the two best non-PE braids out there....with Suffix very close behind.

    Get the JB Hollow Core, you wont be disappointed.

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    You may want to consider a 100-yard 200lb topshot. The Shimano T-80W reels that I've set up will take 1000 yards of JB 200lb hollow spectra plus the topshot. With that test mono, use of a wind-on leader may not be necessary. Most will crimp directly to a swivel and then to the fluoro lure leader. If you really want that short topshot, get a 1200-yard spool of 200lb hollow spectra.

    Basil Pappas
    BHP Tackle
  4. BLenger

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    Thanks Basil,

    Appreciate your reply, I have purchased wind-on leader from BHP in the past and very good quality.

  5. BLenger

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    Thanks, will load the reel with JB and give it a shot this April.