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Line recomendation for Stella,

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What would recommend for my Stella 20k ? I recieved mine today, SMOOTH.
It is not as large and heavy as I imagined. I did get the spare spool, would
you spool up both the same ? How much 60 or 80 spectra will it take to
fill ?

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MO, I filled mine from a 500 yard spool of Izor 65 and it didn't take the whole spool. I put in on tight and was surprised that it didn't hold it all.
I would spool with 80# solid JB or solid PP on one spool and 65# solid spectra on the other. JMO

Izor might have a larger diameter than others.
i would spool it with 50lb solid spectre and the other spool with 80 solid spectre. that way you have a light casting line and a heavy line for jigging or chunking....rick
I think rick is on to something...
50 and 80.

I think mine held 460yds of 80# may have only been 360 though, I dont remember. I had it spooled from bulk so i know it was packed well...
if you got an SW, the two spools have a different capacity
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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