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Limited Load 2007 Big E charter response

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Hi folks, sorry for this taking so long, but we received a response today from Captain Elliott's regarding the inquiry to the thread on 360tuna of interest in a "limited load" 72 or 96 hour Big E charter.
The cost for a 72 or 96 hour charter is as follows:
72 Hour Trip - $40,000 plus T.O.O. fee of $30 per person
Total cost:72 hour charter @ 25 fishermen: $40,750 or $1,630 per fishermen.
96 Hour Trip - $52,000 plus T.O.O. fee of $40 per person
Total cost: 96 hour [email protected] 25 fishermen: $53,000 or $2,120

Our fee remains the same, $10 per person per day, as with other customized multi-day offshore charters that have a "sign up agreement".
If there is interest in this charter please post up and let us know as well at [email protected]
T.O.O. has had the following dates reserved for the standard 52 hour private charter:
June 15th-17th, Friday-Sunday
July 13th-15th, Friday-Sunday
Both of those dates are on or right after a new moon.
The June trip has about 11 interested fishermen right now, and the July trip has one interested as of now.
I do believe we could get Captain Elliott's to extend the above reserved June or July dates to a 72 or 96 hour trip if a weekend would be preferred within the 72 or 96 hours.
The information did not include a deposit amount, but suspect it would still be the $12,000 as that is the standard deposit on the 52 hour private charters. For those that don't know Captian Elliott's, they are not just there to take fishermens money, but will provide a great tuna experence if this trip happens.
Again, please post up if your interested and let us know what folks think. We would need to hurry to secure dates that fits everyones schedule and secure it with a deposit.
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