Light Tackle Setup -Yellowfin & Bluefin

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by dkhunter, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. dkhunter

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    I am looking at getting some light tackle setups for fishing the NorthEast this summer. I would mostly be Trolling and Chunking for Bluefin and Yellowfin out of a center console. I will possible try jigging also. What Rod/reel setup do you think would be best. I was looking at the new Accurate Extreme Bx2-30 and Bx2-600 and also Tiagra 16 or 20s.

    Anyone have a similar setup they like?
  2. paul708

    paul708 Site Sponsor

    the superseeker blanks and the tiagra 16 and 20 have been great setups for this area.
    the accurates seem to be nice,
    the saltigas are a good choice also.

  3. JayP

    JayP Member

    Of those reels, I would only want to jig with the BX2-600...the others are too heavy. I just ordered one myself (I have a B2-870N and love it but wanted more line capacity). It should also be good for chunking. Accurate drags are very smooth, and the 2-speed feature is nice. I don't have any experience trolling - if you could troll with braid it might be OK, but isn't mono preferred for trolling? If so, you might need a larger reel for the extra capacity...keep one with braid for jigging, and another for trolling.
  4. stresst

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    I agree for trolling you want mono. You can use braid as filler for more capactiy but your gonna need 150yds of 60,80lb mono IMO. Buy a BX600 for chunking and a B2-50 for trolling