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Anyone use those glow sticks or light sticks while fishing? (No species in particular.) I know they are used with swordfish rigs but has anyone rigged them to do deep bottom fishing?

Any ideas suggestions welcome.

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I used to use them on deep drops. I'm not sure they help. It's dark down there and it made sense to use them. But to be honest, I didn't catch any more than anyone next to me. I had better luck with those glow in the dark necklaces they sell at night parades. I would tape them to the leader from the swivel to the live bait. I remember buying a whole box of them about 8 years ago durning a night parade. The vendor thought I was nuts. I think there was 100 to the box. They went dry after a couple of years. Don't buy too many.
For deep dropping either go with the lindgren pittman glowsticks(duralumes) or the electralumes as they are pressure rated. The cheap glowsticks will implode at depth only giving off a slick of light for a few minutes.
use the longline type light sticks, they have a clip molded to the stick and usualy have two color tubes. On a summer night trip to the Tequila rig we were dropping baits for a.js with little results, when i clipped on a light insto bite on almaco jacks, 20 lb.s and up. everyone cliped on a light and we filled the boxes with almacos. Unlke a.j.s where the limit was two, almacos count in the reef fish aggrigate of 20 fish per person. and yes they are good eating.

Where to get the light sticks? Could use them on the BigE, Sept 15. How are they clipped on the tackle?
I'll be using them on the big E with a triple hook rig all embedded into a large squid. Cold drink in hand and waiting for ole big eyes.
Lindgren-pitman two color twin light sticks at charkbait


5pack for $9.95

I'll be on the big e on nov 17th,

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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