Lefty reels

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    So I started fishing years ago using lefty spinners which I still do, lefty small game conventionals which feel comfortable with my right hand (stronger) Controlling the rod and left hand reeling. But now with big game reels I have 3 atd 50s and 2 larger sized valiants which are lefty and are much better to use for me when a harness is not available, or for the initial rod pickup and hook set, or when just using a gimble without being attached to the reels lugs. But I feel like if I’m strapped in I can get maximum cranking power with the right since it is stronger but if I had to stand up fight with a righty without the reel being secure it would be strange. I can do everything lefty with maybe sacrificing a tiny bit of cranking power. Any one ever feel like they can’t figure out if they are lefty, righty, upside down or sideways? Hahaa also to throw out there I write with my left hand throw with my right so I’m pretty good with both hands and I guess that makes it more confusing. So I’m trying to see if it’s worth it to sell the lefty big games for righty’s or rock out with the lefty collection