Left-handed Accurate Reel.

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    I am new to here, and also new to jigging/popping.
    I am going to have my second jigging trip in Bali in April. I am looking for new equipment and eyeing at the Accurate 870 reel. However I am a left-handed person (only when fishing!). I am wondering if the true left-handed version of Accurate reel have the normal lever drag direction? I know some so-called left-handed version is just a right-hand reel with bearing replacement so the lever drag is in the opposite direction.


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    What's New at Accurate: Accurate Boss True Left Handed Reels are here .

    Thanks. Actually I've read that and it makes me confused. It said it hope to make the 'true left handed' version available for all reels by 2009, but in the project page of every model it said left handed version is available upon request. So is the left handed version offered now is not a "true left handed" version? what is the current left handed version different from a "true left handed version"?

    Even worse, I can't find any email contact for inquiry on their web page. That's why I am asking. Anyone know about that?

    Thanks a lot