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Discussion in 'Reels' started by Thuan Tran, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Thuan Tran

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    Looking for recommendations on a left hand retrieve for tuna in SoCal up to 50lbs off the charter boats. Totally new to conventional, got plenty of spinners.

    All feedbacks much appreciated
  2. bnz

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    I picked up a Maxel Transformer 60H and Alutecnos gorilla 12 in LH for my wife, who likes to reel lefty. Both are great reels. The gorilla 12 will definitely handle bigger fish than 50 lb. On the other hand, we’ll jig or fish bait on these reels so don’t know how well they cast (west coast thing).

    Here’s my wife reeling in an 80-90 LB sail with the gorilla 12. After the first run it was basically just wenching it in. :)

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  3. Viet_Swag

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    Seigler lg or lgn is nice. If only they dropped the gear ratio, it would be a straight winch, and it is very easy to maintenance.
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  4. jon holsenbeck

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    Accurate makes all of their reel models in left hand retrieve and Penn makes their size 25n and 30 Fathom 2 speed lever drag reels in left hand retrieve also. Shimano makes their Torium HGA series reels in left hand retrieve too. Any of the reels I have mentioned should do the job and they all cast well too. The Accurate Valiants and Terns and the Penn Fathom 2 speeds seem to be popular reels for long range tuna fishermen out of Sothern California.
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  5. manu

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    Being left handed I was constantly searching for conventional and baitcasting reels with little success. Nowadays there are plenty of options but the replies above, useful information I will save.