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Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by The Great PF, Jul 5, 2009.

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    Hi, Guys:

    I'm leaving for Venice in 2.5 weeks (but who's counting), and I want to pick your brains on one topic before I go.

    I will be throwing poppers and using butterfly jigs for yft on hi-viz braid, along with fluorocarbon leaders. I've always used leaders in the 4-5 ft range, but considering the braid, how long of leaders would you suggest for these two fishing tactics? I know that water color may have something to do with the decision, and if you believe this is true, please throw in your thoughts on that subject, too. I certainly don't have as much experience as many of you, and I'm always wanting to learn more.


    P. F.
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    Two choices, for popping short leader outside the guides or long leader with 1-2 wraps on the spool. The second one requires really soft leader material to keep from having your braid wrap around the second or third guide from the tip while casting.

    Jigging, it doesnt matter, what ever length you want. Just remember the shorter the leader the sooner you might have to change the leader