Leader and ballyhoo rigs

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Harrison, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Harrison

    Harrison Member

    Just getting my boat ready for this years Tuna season in the NE canyons. This is my first time running my own boat. For ballyhoo island/joe Shute rigs how many feet of leader do you use? Is it fluro or mono? Also do you put a loop in the end of your rig for a snap swivel or use a small ball bearing swivel that you can wind through the guides if needed so there’s less metal in the water? Lastly, should I pin rig my ballyhoo rigs or use wire to floss through the eyes and around the beak?

    sorry for all the questions just trying to make sure I’m doing everything the most effective way possible.
  2. Kim

    Kim Senior Member

    I use the spring pin rig on ballyhoo because it's fast, easy and the fish don't seem to mind.

  3. Pawleys Southport

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    I assume for trolling...Never use snap swivels IMHO. 12' +/-, 80 to 130# Flouro crimped to pin rig, yes the spring is fine with a skirt, wired or rubber band if naked. Spro windon at the other end of leader. tied to mainline with whatever knot you feel most confident. Depending on my mood either cinch (not improved) or Uni ...again IMHO