Late Report Wrightsville Beach, NC topwater action!

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by cbaker77, May 12, 2008.

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    Headed out last thursday in search of mahi and grouper. Fishing started out a little slow in the morning so we decided to head offshore for snowy grouper. Half way to the spot we came across a floating mini fridge and stopped to investigate. We saw nothing home but decided to make a few casts with my new shibuki anyways. On the second cast a nice mahi comes greyhoundning from over 100yds away zeroed in on the bait and smoked it. That was quite a sight to see and there is no doubt the shibuki is a catching machine. We proceeded to land 2 mahis in the 20 lb class on topwater and a "quick release" with the gaff on one that would have gone over 40 lbs. It was by far my biggest mahi but oh well. Needless to say after that I am hooked on the topwater game. I cannot wait for some more topwater action. They shut down after we knocked that one off the hook. We proceeded out to the snowy grounds and had a quick limit. We also had a small handful on the troll but unfortunately, due to a little radio trouble we missed the hot bite a little to the north of us. The conditions were beautiful and the fishing was good. Life doesn't get any better. Cheers!

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    nice thats awesome.........i definitely want a few mahi when i come back this time.

    awesome grouper as was it dropping that deep with a spinner?

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    Thanks Bret. It is not bad at all dropping with the spinner. Especially when there is a big azz grouper on the other end coming back up!
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