Late Report Offshore Galveston 06-19-08

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    Fished last Thursday out of Galveston Yacht basin. Cleared the jetties around 7:45am and hit our first snapper spot 40 miles out around 8:30. Doesn't take long when your running 52 knots. Seas were calm and the day was looking beautiful. We managed to put 9 solid fish in the box in about 20 minutes and decided to leave them biting to go in search of bigger fish.

    We ended up out near the Flower Garden and hit an AJ spot that allowed us our 7 man AJ limit in 3 drifts. Most of the AJ's were caught on live blue runners, but I managed to hook and loose 2 pretty good fish on OTI 300g Jinkster in pink. I did manage to put one AJ in the boat on this same jig.

    We checked several more spot in this same area looking for big snapper but they didn't seem to be home. We did finish off our limit with some solid 7-8 pound snapper.

    Headed for the house around 2:45pm and hit one pipe stand at 30 miles to see if any Ling were home. Well we had five come up and chase an OTI Wombat in Mahi color, but wouldn't hit it. Switched to cigar minnows and hooked up 4 of the five. Talk about a Cluster.......... We managed to boat three of the five with the last one spitting the hook just before the gaff shot.

    All in all a great day on the water with good friends and beautiful weather.

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    Way to go Mike!! That sounds like a great trip!!!
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    Nice AJ's!! I want to get some of those. Thanks for the report and pics.
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    Nice AJ's!! I want to get some of those. Thanks for the report and pics.

    damn richard if you can't catch amberjacks how in the hell are we going to win that damn tounament in 2
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    nice mess of fish there!!! Thanks for the report!