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We towed a 25 Contender to Grand Isle and fished the Lump on Thursday and Friday, February 22nd and 23rd. In the two days of fishing, we caught 3 YFT (2 in the 60-70# class and one smaller one), approximately 20 BFT and 15-20 Beeliners. All of the fish came while on anchor and were caught on chunks of pogies, sardines and bonito. We were using 80# fluoro mostly and the style and size of hooks didn’t seem to matter as much as keeping a good chum line going. From the radio chatter and looking around at the 50 or so boats, it seemed like the fishing was a bit slow but we had enough action to keep things interesting. One of the other boats in our group caught a 100# class YFT and we heard a few reports of 100# plus tunas caught but it seemed a little slow overall.

The run out of Caminada Pass to the Lump was pretty uneventful but a bit foggy Friday morning. We hit some fog about half way to the Lump and I was sure glad we weren’t in the river. We still made pretty good time and were among the first few boats on anchor Friday morning. We dropped on the same spot as Thursday and started chunking. After about 45 minutes or so, we had pretty steady action. When the box was filled with a couple of YFT and numerous BFT we went trolling in hopes of catching some wahoo but only caught 1 more BFT. With the winds picking up and the forecast calling for more of the same, we packed it in and headed back to Texas Saturday. We gambled on having good weather and running out of Grand Isle instead of Venice and Lady Luck seemed to be on our side this time.

I have fished out of Venice a number of times, mostly for Tarpon, but also for Marlin, Tuna and Swords, all prior to Katrina. This was only my second trip out of Grand Isle, both post Katrina. I can’t wait to go back to either place….


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