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Got to ICM 630 sunday morning loaded up and we're off. Get to the jettys and one engine wont go over 3k rpms. Wer'e screwed, we couldnt figure it out. Not wanting to cancel our first trip of the year we called Capt Doc Jody who has a really nice place around the corner. Luckily he had his Proline 31 available and we told him to pick us up at ICM we had the bait and ice already. Rode out to Tall Rock and anchored up. Had a nice boat limit of snaps and one rockhind grouper in a couple hours. We all were trying different stuff (jigheads with squid bodys, williamson jigs, double dropper rigs, carolina rigs, and OTI jigs). All of the biggest snapper and the only grouper bit the OTI jigs bounced on the bottom. We ran to Fogg and a couple other spots looking for AJs but didnt find any and headed back to Doc's place and he helped us clean and bag 'em. Great day to be on the water...


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Great report and thanks for the pics!

When we worked the Houston fishing show, I made sure to tell the jig buyers to select jig type/size/weight based on depth/current, and not size of targeted fish.

Your last picture shows that you used a 320 gram or 420 gram jig to get down, and got bit by a snapper slightly longer than the jig!
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