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This is a report my buddy wrote on another site but it was a pretty good account of what happened so I figured i would use it again!

Day One-

We left the dock late morning around 7am as it was a little bumpy on the bay so we waited for it to be full daylight before we left the boat ramp. We made it to our first fishing spot and started casting around as we were seeing toonahs, bait and birds, and about 5 casts in and all of a sudden a big silver bullet comes across the suface and BAM!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! HOOKED UP BABY!!!!! Our buddy Chris who flew down with me hooks up. The fish Fights hard but its no match for the OR BD100 and stella 20k. By 8:30am we have our first fish a 60" fish estimated @ 125-135 lbs that fell for a Shibuki. We start riding around scanning for more birds on the horizon and we find a few working fast over some bait that chip just knew was holding toonahs, all of a sudden the top of the ocean turns white from a the toonahs crashing the surface I cast in and start cranking and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Rear back and set the ST-76 trebles deep in his face ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzZZZz!!!!! Off he goes, he just could not resist my baby runboh. Once again the BD100 is the weapon of choice but with a stella SW18k this time and i best this fish in about 10 minutes. Its a nice one 66" fork and its a fat slob we estimate the fish every bit of 180-185lbs, it is now only about 9:30am or so. Not a bad fish for my first Bft Caught on Topwater tackle. Well with 2 fish down we ride around looking for signs of more fish, we can see whales one direction and birds working the surface in the other. We work up on a few birds and then some more and then once again the surface turns white with action, we both cast in and nothing then OH Damn!!!!! My buddy Chris is hit again ZZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzZzzzz!!!!!!!!! the fish peels of 250+ yards in a blink of a eye but something feels funny this time, he fights the fish for a few minutes but we can all see something is wrong. The fish is tail wrapped and a few minutes later SNAP!!! There goes our first and only lost fish of the trip!! by now its close to 11:30 or so and we work on more birds and keep at it till about 3:30- 4:00 when all of a sudden Chip yells IM ON!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZzzzzzZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This fish screams off so much line we can almost see bare spool thank god we get the boat turned around fast enough so chip can gain some off the lost line back. This fish Was the hardest fighting fish of the day taking about 20 minutes to land and lots of sweat as it felt like it was close to 100 deg. out there. Chip also had the pleasure of landing his fish on a BD100 and stella SW18K. This fish taped out @ 63" and had also been eating well as he looked almost as big around as he was long. We estimated him @ close to 145-155Lbs. Its now 4:30 and we all give up HAHAHA. What a great first impression the cape gave us!!!!!

Day Two-

So it starts again but this time a little different as someone found out we had a good day and decided to join us this morning, and we were Glad to have him aboard. We start up earlier today as we are supposed to be at the boat ramp @ 4:30 HAHA but we were running a few minutes late and Sami was waiting at the boat ramp for us. We finally got all loaded up and left the marina, we headed right back to where it all started the day before. We started working where we saw fish the morning before, we started seeing single fish sky then a pod would come up and we would rush over and cast but by thst time they were already down. So we do this run and gun for a little while and then chip says let me go look at this one spot really quick, And wouldnt you know as we pulled up the water was full of life for as far as you could see. Ive never seen so many toonahs in my life skying in one place, we started casting in to the tuna schools and wouldnt you know there were tons of big stripers and bluefish mixed in so we had to fight off stripers up to 25-30lbs and big bluefish while we all of us were trying to get the stripers off our hooks Chip casts and CRASH!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZzZZZZZZZZZZzZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!!!! That lucky SOB hooks up to a Toonah, The fight last about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden we have our first tuna on the deck 63" and a fatty again probally around 150lbs or so.. This fish fell for a Chartruse and Orange Diawa slider and met his death on a OR BD 200 a stella 20k FA. So we get the fish on ice and the fish are still Crashing All Around us we cast a few more times and chip has fish jump out with his lure basically in his mouth A bright ass Chartruse thing LOL . Well we are covered with Toonahs as far as you can see there has to be 100+ pods of fish its just insanity!!! But with every cast we keep hooking those damn stripers and bluefish as they wouldnt give the toonahs a chance to eat. So finally after a hour or so we move on to look for more signs of life and toonahs that were alone We find more toonahs crashing with no luck then we see them pushing on the surface but they wont eat so we keep at it and then the horizon lights up with so many feeding toonahs its crazy, We all take our turns on the bow casting into the school and WHACK!!!!! I set the hook And ZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZz!!!!!!! But she dosent get very far as i break her will very fast and she comes boat side in 2 minutes but no one was ready to lip gaff a fish that fast as we didnt think she would come in that easy, so the fight continues and after about 10 more mintues chip slides in the lip gaff and damn is she still green and angry Sami said holy shit man you had like 30lbs of drag on that fish man and you put that rod to the test haha safe to say i had Sami scared haha( Your Awesome Sami). I hooked this 64" 165+lb fish on the BD100 and stella SW18k again, daiwa slider was the candy this baby fell for... Now that we are all ready again we start scanning the horizon again but with not seeing much we just sit still for a bit and just wait for something to start happening, we all start talking and getting to know Sami better as this is the first time myself and my friend chris had the chance to fish with him. All of a sudden i look up and there they are in a huge feeding frenzy right near shore, he run up and start the drill of the right to left cast and move over as many of you guys know. My friend chris gets right in the mix of things and all of a sudden a tuna crushes his shubuki at the surface thrashing like crazy and he pulls back hard and ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZzZZZZZ!!! !!!!!!!! Off goes fish number 3 for the day, it is a wicked pissah of a fight ( that ones for you Shoe) and about 12-15 minutes later a 62" fish is lipped gaffed and released!!!! We spent the rest off the day looking for one more fish so that all four of us on the boat could have a chance at a toonah today but it just wasnt ment to be. But i just want to say to Sami thanks you for bringing Chip and myself those great Special lures today .. All in All what a Freaking Great trip so Far The only thing that would have made this trip any better was if Our brotha Glenn was here to share in it all with us like we had planned... Glenn Good Luck today if you read this.. And thank you for all the help man your appreciated more than you know, Sami your a incredible guy and a great fisherman im so glad you gave up a good night sleep even though you didnt feel well to make sure i had the right lure to catch my toonah todaY ..... And last But not Least Chippy Thanks for the hospitality and the new knowledge of this area, you have caught on quick to the habits of these fish and no one comes close to you brotha. Thanks Again to the three of you making this a Ridiculous TRip for us ALL.................... Oh yeah Pics are coming soon


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