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Man we have got to get down there. I am dying. I was planning to duck hunt next Monday, but I might drag my boat down there instead.

Pope, where do you duck hunt?

the reason i ask is i used to live in your area, and will prolly be moving back somewhwere south of there enventually

when/if i do, i'd be interested in finding folk like you and PiePuncher that fish/hunt some of the same areas i used to hit

i lived over there when fairfield was first flooded, and can attest to quite a few magnum rattle traps getting bitten in half

PiePuncher, i have a fisher friend that just about fishes fairfield exclusively nowadays......... i told'im about your report, and he responded with this:

Thanks I'd like contact information for this guy, and please send me a PM where you found his report.

Sunday Fairfield fishing report.... Front came through two days before, heavy rain. Sunday we had a 39 F push off temp. lake was 74 F at the hot outfall. The winds were supposed to guts to 30 mph and temperature peak at 50F. Moon was just past full, bright night, and the moon was visible until about 1 PM.

We first sank our third boat load of brush piles until about 8:30 AM, (had to do this since there was no place to stand. sit, store rods or fish). The brush was piled so high the boat looked like a duck blind, as we left the ramp. That load made 10 brush piles we have sank inside of 45 days and marked all of them on the GPS. (The neighbors who see me pick up their curbside bush cutting probably think I am nuts by now.)

We then fished honey hole #1 nothing, chased some circling gulls -nothing, tried honey hole #2 -nothing, tried an east side drift that included the cut where the 15# was caught Dec 17 and nothing, tried a west side drift near the bank (shallower) than this above guy described -nothing, We even retried honey hole #1 again, now with gulls circling and diving all around us the whole time we were there and got nothing. Then we tried honey hole #3 -nothing. At 3 PM I am now facing my first potential Fairfield skunk in over three years of going there at least every other weekend. We had not even had a nibble bite. Fishing was so bad we decided to do a little accident prevention by marking some navigation hazards I had come across with the lake being down so low. While doing this I finally realized there was boat sitting in the same position since the stops at #2 or #3 honey hole. They were fishing Ye-Old Honey Hole Serial Number O, (HHS#0) but seemed to be doing it on the wrong side. I never saw them catch a fish but they hung in there the whole time. I had not fished HH#0 for over two years.

So I motored up to the "correct side" of HHS#0, set my position holder, and noticed surface action while doing this. This was now about 4:30 with one hour until sundown. Speaking with the other boat on the "wrong" side of HH#0 they had been chucking shiney slabs and caught just a couple of Red fish. We set up our Carolina rigs with the correct bait for bass and red fish, and I had a hit on my first cast. We caught more in 15 minutes they they had in what had to be 3 hours. In the next 2.5 hours we boated 11 red fish, one small black and one catfish all on the same bait. Each of us had 3 to 5 get offs, and about an equal number of missed strikes. The smallest red fish was 19" and the largest was 20.5".

The mind boggles at how many could have been caught had we been there all day with the correct bait. I had not fished HH#0 for over two years, that is going to change pronto! The Fairfield winter/spring carnival is just getting started, wild life everywhere. I can fish that spot for more than one half year using just one tank of boat gas.

i'll give'im a link to your report here....... sounds like he'd love to compare notes with you....... so-to-speak

btw, nice to hear you're having successful trips

good report

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I hunt in extremely secret locations. :) I hope you move back and we can hook up.

lol!...... that's where exacly where i hunted when i lived there!!!!!

small world!

i ain't exactly looking forward to moving back that area but i figger since i'm gonna wind-up over there or divorced, i prolly oughta start setting the groundwork to find help in slaughtering the ducks and wetting hooks

gotta great duck boat i won as the door-prize at a DU dinner banquet over there and a striper boat for places like texoma and whitney

i already hope to get this Millerd dude to allow me in his boat someday....... and that "someday" could be sooner'n later

i pass that way everytime i'm headed to the coast and always stop and stay in what i call 'Wanker County' (where the in-laws live)....... close to the I-35 Ft Worth/Dallas split south of the metroplex

it's just a matter of scheduling more time on one of these passes to get in some fishing in in y'alls area

i even know Fork pretty well.......... i was shootin' ducks and catching bass and crappie on it long before it ever finished filling up

almost bot waterfront on richland-chambers before it filled too
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