Last trip before the storm

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Well heres a little report about my last trip I ran before the storm. Had Kelly Hasney and his friends/customers on the boat. We made it out to innovator(figured might as well put the rig name in as AINT nobody going there for a while LOL) Fishies were blowing up everywhere and we started out 1-4 on topwater and 0-1 on livies. Got that little stretch out of the way when we had a good tuna on a livie. While we were fighting him I started chunking when I looked down and saw a wahoo swim by the boat. Was about to pitch a bait to him when I saw my line trailing out of his mouth. Only had 80 pound leader so we figured it was going to be over quick when he came tight and took off. Dont know how we did it but the fish swallowed the hook and still didnt cut the line. the 40 pound wahoo was quite a bonus. We kept picking away at the fish on live bait and ended up with a total of 8 for the day. At the end we were live chumming the fish up and they were exploding on them right behind the boat.

    Dont know how long this little storm is going to keep me out of business but I will be up and running as soon as I figure out a way. Keep praying and send captain morgan if it really looks bad :)

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    Prayers sent...

    I have room for you all...

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    Captain:Great trip. Although it is obviously going to be bad, as one of your customers and biggest fans, I think I speak for everyone on this board in saying I hope things end up as well as they can under the circumstances. I assume you have a relatively safe place to take the boats?

    Best of luck to you and every Louisianian this week.

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    Well said Uncle Russ.

    Best of luck to you guys.