last minute discount on popping/jigging trip to Panama

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    Hello guys,

    hope I am allowed to post that. Please delete if not.

    I can offer 20% discount on a last minute trip with Panafishing Adventure, as long as the trip falls between the 31st of october and the 8th of November. Expect calm conditions and incredible variety at this time of the year. Also a perfect time to visit for anyone into slow-jigging.

    That makes it an absolute bargain, ie 7 nights and 6 days of fishing at:

    -2218 per pax for a group of 3
    -3066 per pax for a group of 2

    including transfers from/to Panama City.

    Please contact me through the website for more info.




  2. RevPDP

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    Wishing I could go...
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  3. ballywho

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  4. lite-liner

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    man I want that so bad.......
  5. HungryJack

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    great pricing
    cheaper than fishing the same amount of days at home
    on a similar charter and angler load on the boat.

    GARRIGA Senior Member

    You must not fish much.
  7. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    I think you might be right.
    A person who cannot identify a good deal for fishing
    probably does not actually fish much as you point out.

    So, lets do some 3rd grade level math.

    $2218 divided by 6 days of fishing
    is $370 per day.
    3 people on the boat x $370 is
    $1110 per day for the boat.
    Not many ports in the US you can charter
    a boat to target offshore species for $1100 a day.
    So this price represents a good value and a discount
    compared to local fishing costs.

    The above price of $2218 includes 7 nights room
    and 7 days food and beverage.
    Not all fishermen live close to a port,
    and some ports like Venice, an overnight stay is
    usually required.

    So, lets assign the very conservative value of $50 per night
    for the room, and $50 a day for 3 meals and beverages.
    $100 times 7 days/nights = $700

    $2218 minus $700 = $1518 for 6 fishing trips
    $1518 divided by 6 days = $253 per day
    3 people on the boat x $253 is
    $760 for the day for the boat.

    Not a single port I am aware of in the US you can charter
    boats to target offshore species for this price.
    Similar charters in Venice are in the $2000 a day range.

    not matched at home.

    So, I guess you were right once again Garriga.
    You were unable to identify a great fishing deal,
    since you do not fish much obviously, as you commented.

    And once again, you are completely incorrect with your statements,
    par for the course for you.
    Your level of ignorance never ceases to amaze me.
    Your desire to embarrass yourself as well.

    I'm sure the ignorant troll comment is coming next,
    instead of just being a man, admitting you're wrong,
    and learning something in the process.
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    GARRIGA Senior Member


    I’m not saying it’s a bad deal. Just your general assumption to home. At home travel costs don’t require airfare or lodging. Bad comparison. Better comparison would have been to just saying it’s 20% less than full. That not enough difference?

    If I had the free time I’d take it. Cubera in top on my bucket list along with any chance to bag a 200# plus YFT. Obviously a dream trip. ;)
  9. uncle rico

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    Seems like a smoking deal and great adventure to me. I'd be in if I could swing days off.
  10. Kim

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    Guantanamo Bay Cuba is a super hot fishing spot. I caught some huge Tarpon, Bone Fish and Cubera Snapper there. I didn't have to pay air fare, lodging, food, I fished almost every day and I got to stay there for four years. Thanks to the US Navy!

    Now on to the OP, this is a good deal as HJ pointed out giving lots of bang for the buck. These are the kind of trips anglers should jump on if they have the cash to spare and the time required to do it.

    On a personal note... I'm really starting to like HJ here but it's possible he may want to cut down on the coffee or try decaffeinated. (it's a joke relax!)

    GARRIGA Senior Member

    Francis needs to lighten up.

    I have an idea. Go fish this trip. Big angry Cubera should improve anyone’s mood. :)
  12. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    When you say "You must not fish much." then you are implying
    that I do not know the cost of charters and this is not a good deal.
    How else could that statement be interpreted or what would be the
    point of even saying it.
    You wanted to be a troll and just disagree
    with anything I post, as usual.
    Very disruptive to this site, wish you would stop.

    20% off is not relative, 20% off a very expensive trip,
    is still an expensive trip.

    Home travel costs and lodging.
    Well, not everybody, and MOST do not live
    close to a port, so hotels are necessary for many.

    I live 4 miles from a port I can depart for tuna,
    and have ports up to 135 miles away and many inbetween
    that I can and have fished tuna from.
    So a reasonable average distance to assume for most
    would be around 100 miles each way to a port.

    Cars cost money to operate.
    About 50 cents per mile to operate an average car.
    100 miles each way, 200 miles round trip.
    200 miles x 50 cents = $100 in travel expense to get to boat.
    We are not even including tolls.
    While some, like yourself might only need to drive 10 miles,
    most will be around 100 or more. Just like you have to drive
    to some ports for certain trips you take.

    So, 6 single fishing trips at $100 in local travel expenses per trip,
    is $600 in local travel expenses.
    Plane fare from FL, TX or even NY to Panama is in the $400-600 range,
    lower end for FL.
    So, travel expenses to Panama and travel expenses for local trips are
    effectively the same.

    So lets review.
    you can fish on a charter boat with 3 anglers instead of 6.
    You will departing from an offshore island,
    so your travel time to the grounds will be shorter,
    and thus more fishing time per day.
    You will be fishing a prime tropical location in the northern hemisphere
    and should expect better fishing than any southern US port will provide.
    There are more, but that should be enough.

    Like I originally stated,
    cheaper to fish on this trip, than anybody/most can do at home in the US.
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  13. HungryJack

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    Guy I used to fish with, who took me to the next level
    in fishing skill, was stationed there during his stint in the navy
    during the late 1960's.
    Captain of his ship was a fisherman also, so he got "special duty."
    They would use one of the launches to go fishing often.
    He had lots of photos of very impressive catches.

    PS. today the better fishing is on the southern side of the island.
    Jardines de la Reina a protected area offers the best inshore fishing,
    or so I have heard ;)
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  14. lite-liner

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    cmon, man. I brought up that place 2 years ago & you tried to shoot me down.
    I'm still waiting for things to settle, but I am going to get there.
  15. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    ME ?
    What place, cuba ?

    Do you mean the "charter guy" from Cozumel running
    illegal trips to Cuba, since he had no understanding of the actual laws.
    If you remember, the guy was going to put me in my place
    with pics of his upcoming trip.
    We never heard from him again, typical.

    PS, the location I mentioned above,
    is nowhere near where this guy was planning to fish,
    which was the north west end of Cuba,
    the above location is south east side of Cuba.

    PPS> unless you have a special need to fish cuba itself,
    since you live near the gulf coast, and if I was in your shoes,
    I would not spend my fishing dollars at this location,
    as I would have similar fishing at home, and in some locations
    and for certain species even better fishing at home.
    For a guy from NY or somebody from Europe, its a better
    overall location, a bit more "exclusive" and not much more
    than fishing in florida, or maybe even same relative costs.

    GARRIGA Senior Member

    Sneak into Cuban waters undetected. Surface. Catch lunch. Dive. Head to Panama. Still working out the details on traversing the locks to the other side. How cool would that be? I know...

  17. RevPDP

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    Hey Pierre, what fish are you targeting this time of year?
  18. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    All coastal species are around, that's about 25 of them. There should still be some medium YFT around and maybe some proper big ones too. Today the YFT action was really good only 15 milles out and although we did not catch any over 45 pounds since there was too many small/medium in the mix, we saw a few cows. Good time of the year for a shot or 2 at trophy rooster/cubera. Overall great variety of species/spot/techniques at this time of the year.
  19. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    Just a quick note on price...Our prices are already low because we do not have to run 40 milles to get to the fishing grounds, because we spend 0 on advertising and because we try to focus on what counts rather than being luxury (no waterfall in the pool or 30 acres of land to maintain, but new engines and good food).

    If anyone wonder wether this is a good deal or not, just type in "fishing lodge panama" in google and check the average pricing out there. Then check our website and try to figure out if our place compares to the others you've checked. That should enable anyone to determine by himself how good of a deal it is.
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    Pierre, what would be considered your prime time for a shot at a big rooster....Thanks, Greg.