Landings of Bluefin Tuna

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    A couple of days ago, the US Department of Commerce (NOAA) published it's report of bluefin tuna. The report is only for large, medium and giant size class bluefins. It does not include school, large school or small medium size class tuna harvested.

    I found it interesting that this year the average weight is down 119 pounds from last year. The number of fish is also down 47 from last years count. Last year (2006) the average fish was 525 pounds. This year (2007) the average fish was 406 pounds.

    I've noticed that this year in the Gulf of Mexico,the YF tuna aren't in numbers like last year. The size seems to also be down from last year. I also noticed that the larger dolphin were very skinny this year. The Hoo's were also smaller than years past. Anyone else noticed this trend this year?

    If you are interested, here is the report.

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    I have noticed. We caught alot more big fish last year than this year and the numbers are down as well.
    The season isnt over yet and I am still hoping for some quality fish to finish it off.

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    I'm not saying there is not something to your estimation of numbers/size/girth, but the dolphin fishing this summer has been nothing short of amazing as well as the billfishing. Yellowfins seem to be average to better than average. Lets hope they don't let longliners use live bait because I think things would change for the worse. I think the tuna are more current oriented and are just not in Texas in significant numbers yet. The venice fishing is wide open.