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Lake Tawakoni 03/11/07

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Wife and I went out to do some crappie fishing in the shallow stumps up in Rabbitt cove. Crappie werent biting, so we headed out to the mouth and saw some brids working... Motored over and got on the trolling motor-then the water erupted ALL around us... sandbass and hybrids EVERYWHERE.. for the next 3 hours we caught and releases about 75-100 each.... the average sandbass was 2 lbs, with 50% being 2.5 lbs.... these were the biggest sandbass I have ever caught. I was catching them on EVERY cast!! My arms hurt!! caught about 5-6 hybrids, they were around 4-5 lbs each. We ran out of daylight or we would still be there..... I was tired of catching fish, but seeing the expressions on Carols face was well worth every minute.. Thats been my best sandbass trip ever.. and of course Carols too. I had to explain that this would spoil future sandbass trips.... the birds stayed above the fish and I never once turned on my electronics (besides the trolling motor).

After seeing these fish, I dont think a sanbass can get much larger... they were about to literally POP!! their bellies were softball sized from gorging shad(3" long) and being full of eggs......

Of course we forgot the camera, and I told Carol we will catch a ton of fish because of that... lol. She has some on her camera phone....

If anyone needs to know where we caught these, just let me know. At one point I took the sassy shad body off the chartruese head and threw just the head and caught fish to prove to Carol how dumb sandbass are..:D
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Sounds like an excellent adventure, especially when introducing someone to fishing!

Thanks for the report.
Sorry the crappie weren't biting. I am going to be jog and bobbing it for the next two days, weather permitting. lol. I am you and Carol has some fun on the water.
Welcome to my world.....
Almost like a wide-open tuna bite? ( OK, not reeeeally)
Lmk if you wanna do that a little closer to home
The lewisville "big 3" went out and caught 250 something in 3 hrs on ray-bob
As for me? I was slappin snappers 10 miles out yesterday
got my first big redfish, too 14#m/L 10# test line. WOOHOOO!
Nice first there Brian, especially on 10#!
i will be prefishing Lewisville up until the next Basschamps tourney.... got to find me some Big ol Green Carp!
Talk to Boston Bob, D.T.A, or Big Dad if you wanna hit a bunch of sandies
on LL. I can assure you the the regular spots will hold fish this time of year
(deadman's point, twin trees, etc.) I would assume any south-facing, windblown point will stack the shad & bring the Mag's in behind 'em...
LMK if you wanna hook up, I'm 2 min's from LE dock
Brian. PM me your number. I will look you up when I start the prefishing out there. Mainly I will be running and looking at areas without fishing the first couple trips to get a "feel" of the lake with its currents levels. then we can finish out the day fishing for whites. I wont start fishing for bass until the weekend before the tourney. and during that point I cut my hooks off, just looking for bites. I only stick one or two to see what size they are.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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