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Lake Palestine Hybrids

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I know there are few East Texas anglers on this board. If you were not
on Lake Palestine this weekend , you missed some great hybrid action.
Just enough bird activity to point you to the schools. I fished from the
dam to horsefarm. Sunday morning, I caught 3 off my dock in my
pajamas ( how the fish got in my pajamas , I don't know :) )
I got dressed and dropped the boat, caught a couple more before
I ever started the motor. It was pretty much non stop for a couple of
hours. I took a break and went back out at 6pm. Found them on the
east side and caught them until dark . Most fish were 4-5 lb with
some 7's and 8's mixed in. My thumb has no hide left on it. :)

Grescobia --
if you see this give me a call , we will give them a try.

good luck
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You suck MO! I wish I was with you two old timers tomorrow before this system blows in.
Sounds awesome. Wish I could get into some hybrid action like that. Thanks for the report


If you are around Gres, HOLA!!!!!!!!
Mo, I will call you tomorrow. HOLA to you PiePuncher
Kieth... i will keep my ears open for the Ray Hubbard hybrid action.. if it heats up we can fill all the boats we can get and hit em hard..
I was watching for them to start schooling on CC on Saturday as i crossed the lake, never did see em though. I know they are under the lights though. New moon too. Wish it was Saturday again.
Pope.. CC has been a BIOTCH lately... go bass fishing and cant catch em, go crappie fishing and cant catch em... lol. Ifn it dont rain this saturday- I am planning to hit Benbrook for some crappie.... if I cant catch crappie on Benbrook, I am hanging up my hat!!! LOL! If I get to go to Benbrook this saturday I will have 2 spots open on the boat for whomever wants to go. I will be coming down 20 from Terrell to Benbrook.
i am in on that one. That is if my son can go with us.
consider it booked.... lol. Lets watch the weather. I dont do lightnin'.. lol. Rain I can handle, but prefer it only in 100 degree weather... I havent been out to Benbrook in a year- so it might not be an "epic" trip- but I should be able to put us on some fish....
Maybe i can convince piepuncher to get in on the action.
get him out there. theres hybrids than can be trolled up at the dam, lots of north end(dam) -this lake's bassackwards!! theres enough room on the areas I fish for 2 boats (brushpiles on rock points)
It might be hard to get me out there on a Saturday. There are too many other good lakes to fish on the weekend and with benbrook being in my backyard, it is more of a weekday destination for me. Jared, if you want to hit up benbrook tomorrow or thursday, let me know. We can do an hour or two hour trip. I am also going to probably hit up fairfield on Saturday and Jason might be busy. This might be the last time I can hit fairfield with friends for a while. Have a few guided trips booked over the next few weeks. Good thing is, I dont have to give up any honey holes and the fishing should be on fire. I might have another open seat if I decide to go for anyone interested.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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