Labor Day Weekend in Venice,La

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    We decided to make a last minute fishing trip for some red snapper. We wanted to stock up on some snapper before they closed the federal season. We went to one of our favorite rigs and it was on. We fished about 2 hours and we were headed back to cypress cove.

    QuickTip: Make sure you have heavy weights on your boat. We were in 300ft of water and using a 2lb and 3lb weights just to get to the bottom. We had 2 boats tie up next to us and both boats caught nothing because they did not have heavy enough weight to get their baits down to the bottom.

    Overall we managed to put a decent box of fish together.. Ended up with (1) 60lb Warsaw Grouper, 1 AmberJack we released, 1 alamco jack, 8 red snappers, 4 Beeliners and 1 Scamp Grouper.

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    Nice job. We snuck out yesterday and nabbed our snapper and some gags too.

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    The current that strong out there?
  4. Striker Tackle

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    Yes it was. We usually use 16-24oz weights in that area, but I had to use a 3lb weight.