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Just a quick hello to introduce myself....

Got back from San Diego and the two and a half day trip. Fishing was slow but the time on the water was great. Got to see some cool stuff.....The first day was a little bumpy. 5-7 foot swells with a combined 15-20 knot winds made the the day interesting :eek: :eek:. No troll fish at all. We would get some small sonar marks and run a chum circle and see if the Albe's would come up and boil. If they did you better get your bait in the water fast. As fast as they would come up, they would go back down. Got one Albacore on the first day. The count for first day was 10 for 20 passengers.
The first night it started to lay down and became very comfortable. With the sea anchor out and my stomach filled with a pork roast dinner I hit the bunk. I woke up(1:30am) as one of the passengers came down to tell me that the squid have come into the light and are thick. It was cool watching the squid(20-50)come up into the lights. I grabbed my Cal-Star 6480 stick with a white Tady 45 casting iron and let it sink. It wouldn't get 20 feet before a squid would grab it and the fun was on.... :D :D .
I ended up with 7 giant squid anywhere from 25-40lbs...They can pull!!!!
The secound day started with flat, glass conditions... We started to look for tuna on the surface and they were there. They just would sink out right as the boat slid to them. One of the bigger schools(40 yard dia.) was busy tearing up a huge meatball of Sardines. As we got closer we could see a whale slamming right through the middle of the bait. It was an sight.......Watching tuna clear the surface and then a huge whale doing the same....
Here are some pictures....

The Grande Sportfisher

Getting bait at the receivers

Sunrise of the first morning

First of the trip

The heart of an Albacore

The angler eating the heart!!!Her first Albacore!!

On a squid

Squid steak
The sardines in the bait wells
Fish On...
Sunset of the secound day
My secound Albe....

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The Grande is my favorite boat over there. I heard you say the sons were running the boat now. I enjoyed their father the most. I sure do miss the squid and ablies!

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Scott is the man. Laid back and knows how to fish. I have spent several days in the wheel house with him and picked his brain. Probably pestered him more than anything. He lives a charmed life by fishing with the whole family. His little girl is a trip too. I bet you guys had a good time together.
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