LA tuna trip 3-9-9

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    My friend and I took a trip out of Louisiana yesterday looking for some tuna. We left out of hopedale and ran the ship channel to the gulf. we thought this would save us an ass beating on the way out because the weatherman had called for 3-5 footers. we were in a 27 foot Angler panga. not the biggest boat in the world especially this time of year.
    needles to say the weatherman was wrong, this is what we saw when we got to open ocean![​IMG]
    After a long run to the rigs we arive to see comercial king mackerel boat working the area. we setup a drift and starte chunking pogies. i dropped down a diamond jig and instantly was cut off. i lost two more before putting a wire leader on. i then caught two or three kings in the 20 30 pound range. very fun on my Andy special and my cabo 60. I had something on that burned two hundres yars of line off in less than a minte. it later came back ad a 20 pound chunk of king mackerel. it would have gone 60 pounds easy before the sharks.
    we were then swarmed by 8-10 foot hammerheads. they circled the boat like they were on a mission. dorsal fins out of the water. very cool to see. shortly after my friend got a bit on his avet 50 that almost spooled him. he had mono so he lost line quick. we knew it was one of those hammerheads. so he cinched the drag an pulled hard. after 20 or so minutes we saw it was a huge yellow!! at the scale it wighed 179. very big fish. it maxed out his cooler on the boat.[​IMG]
    the tuna slowed for a while and the kings came back. i landed a 60 pounder on my 600g oti and saragosa 18000. i was scared the drag would melt as it took 200 yards of line in seconds. the sagagosa did very well. i will look at the drag today and see how its holding up.
    when the tuna showed up again it was very speratic. I actually lost a 50-60 lb yellow at the boat. puller the hook. i was pissed because that was to be my first tuna ever. i ended up catching a reasonable blackfin after that. look at the water in that pic!!![​IMG]
    everything shut off very abruptly. shortly after a huge blue bus was looking at us net to the boat. i have never in my whole life seen anything like that. if i had to guess that mako was 450lbs. i have now way to estimate its size but it was 10 times larger than the hammerheads we saw earlier. his black eyes just checking us out and the he was gone. very cool.
    I lost another yellow about the same size right next to the gaff. i was pissed
    we went rig hopping for ajs and grouper shortly after. caught a few yellow mouth grouper on the bottom using 320g river2sea spike jigs. lost many jigs to the ajs and the rigs. there were some big ajs down there. fun to finally get a bend in my 600g oti. Again i was very impressed with my saragosa. it handled everything from huge kings up to 60 pounds to YFT up to 60 pounds. ajs and grouper were no problem either. i could defiatly tell the difference in drag from the stellas but is handled everything very well.
    Its nice to have to use a crane to unload the days catch. im glad the watrherman was wrong or we would have been very crowded. good times and lots of tuna to eat. it is truely amazing how much meat comes off a 180lb tuna.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    damn andrew great tuna! whos boat is it?

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    Good day to brave the weather! That big tuna is a bruiser! Nice trip
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    my friends friend. good hookup though. very nice guy and he love to fish.

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    Let us know about the boat. I'm considering a 22 foot Panga Marine, since it is so versatile, and does not need lots of hp. how did it feel in the flat seas? Did it seem narrow? Was it too small for 150lb+ tuna?

    Nice catch!!
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    Let us know about the boat. I'm considering a 22 foot Panga Marine, since it is so versatile, and does not need lots of hp. how did it feel in the flat seas? Did it seem narrow? Was it too small for 150lb+ tuna?

    Nice catch!!

    the boat was very nice. its sides were a bit to low for jigging or fighting a fish. it made it a little harder leverage wise. it was very fast with a 225 yamaha on it. the Angler boats are pretty basic. before he added the 270qt cooler you could park a car in the front deck, but there was no cooler for fish over 20 lbs.

    It was nice riding and easy to fish from. If i were buying a boat it would be a classic cc. just my preference.
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    Great job Andrew! Kepp diggin' & that tuna will come to you; took me 4 years to boat my first YFT.
    Congrats to your buddy on the 180#er!
    hope to fish w/ you this summer
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    Very sweet!

    I love that everyone thought it was one of the sharks... Nothing better than thinking one thing then seeing color and it's something so much better!! :):) I bet you guys went crazy!!

    Too cool...
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    nice tuna bro

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