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    just saw the pix of the fish on other websyte, congrats on the tuna man :)

    keep us updated on the world record details!

    gj its a good looking fish

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    Lets hear some particulars....

  3. Pope

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    Yeah. What, where, when and to what extent...
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    cmon the suspense is killing me!
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    cmon the suspense is killing me!
    mozambik, Where did you get the report ?
    I just came back from an overnight fishing and I just saw this.
    Are you talking about false albacore we caught today ?
    It could be new IGFA world record if approved. I believe the current false albacore record is 35 lbs 2 oz. Our fish weighs 35 lbs 4 oz and 36 lbs on two separate certified scales. When I go to the office tomorrow, I'll post the picture of the monster false albacore. I was not the angler who fought the fish.
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    For all those Gulf of Mexico people, a false-albacore is what we call a bonito or little tunny. That is one big bonito. I think the average one I catch is about 7 pounds. a 12 to 15 pound one is huge. A 35 pounder is incredible.
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    My mind is more occupied now with the thought of the missed opportunity to catch a bigeye on a jig than the potential world record. :)
    I caught a few bigeye in 200-230 lbs range on bait, but I've yet to catch one on a jig. On this trip, I decided to test Japanese 5' Smith WRC-50 ATLANTIS
    rod. The rod is so light I could use only one hand to jig. :) As there was no bites for a while, I took a rest in the cabin. While I was in the cabin, Eric, mate, used the Smith jigging rod. On his first cast, tuna swallowed the jig and it turned out to be a 80 lbs bigeye !!!

    It was a pretty good trip by catching 18 - 19 yellowfin in 40 - 60 lbs range, one huge false albacore (little tunny) and one bigeye for six guys on the 55' private charter boat. This trip was only possible thanks to the cancellation of the Big E. :)
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    Here are some pictures.

    the potential record false albacore

    80 lbs bigeye and jigging setup

    not a bad catch.

    fancy features on the boat. It shows satillete water temperature and a move together.
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    Fresh Toro

    Nice catch there Kil. That looks like a great way to get over being depressed about the Big E trip.