Kiritimati May 2016

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    Crossed one off the bucket list!

    For the 25th anniversary of my 25th birthday [​IMG], I treated myself to a trip to Kiritimati for some GT fishing...primarily GT fishing using poppers. I say that because some of the island lodges chunk up milkfish and fish those of the flats.

    Finally caught my first GTs on the 5th day of fishing! Caught a few tuna and wahoo along with a whole range of reef fish!

    Being from the left coast, its been a very long time that I have been on a trip and did not use a single piece of bait or chum.

    Looking for the next GT adventure!

    Spinal SPM8
    Saltiga Z6000
    80lb braid/100lb Soft Steel fluoro
    Maniac popper rigged with Mustad inline hooks



  2. lite-liner

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    dude! nice feesh!
    thx for posting!

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    Nice! Were you catching on days 1-4 as well?
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    Caught various reef fish, tuna, wahoo, barracuda the first few days...GT fishing was tougher in the areas we fished.

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    Nice going Gil.. What happened to Christmas Island?