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alot happens when you're gone for two weeks. i spent 10 days shuttling relatives all around the great american southwest, including las vegas, the grand canyon, bryce canyon and zion. drove the whole way. quite a trip! i came back with tons of things to catch up on, but screw it, i'm going fishing. here's half moon bay at 6am.

i rounded up the usual crew and headed on onto the flattest waters i've seen in a very long time.

we headed down the "triangle of death," about 20 miles south of half moon bay. it's an area bounded by three underwater rock formations in 70 feet of water, midway between san gregorio and pescadero beaches. the triangle itself rises from 60-40 feet in depth. that's where we fish.

the fishfinder was lit up all day. you see a school of rockfish that were right under the boat, then got spooked and dove off into deeper water. just as often as not, the screen was nearly solid red. nothing like an fcv 1100!

nothing is more fun that a 1 pound rock fish on ultra light tackle. christina, my 9 year old, had the hot stick all day.

until my older daughter set the hook a little too hard.

my neighbor's daughter, sandra, stuck this 4.5 pound vermillion. nice fish.

lynna did her share of damage.


and nicole rounded out our crew of five. don't let the pretty faces fool you. these kids are killers!


jeff, the dad from next door, worked the deck.


and your's truly, master and commander, somewhere during course the day found time to scale, gut and gill 6 limits of rockfish. ugghhh! these kids were catching fish faster than i could clean them!


once home, the real work started.


we had the same group of teenage boys walk by four times while the girls and i were cleaning the boat. i should have charged admission.



and so ends another successful day of fishing aboard "eddie's brother!"

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When is dinner. I haven't eaten rockfish in a while. I could use a sculpin too. Nice report as always!
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