Keeper Graphite U.S.A. blank ?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by bunile, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. bunile

    bunile Senior Member

    70 Xh . I won this in a raffle, Is it worth any $, How much would it cost to get wrapped? I may sell it or I may get it wrapped, I just don't know the cost or value for either. Who knows?
  2. mike garone

    mike garone Well-Known Member

    Blank retails for $135 my guess to get it wrapped it would cost an additional $100-200+ depending on the builder and components you choose. I do not have that blank but have several GUSA blanks and they are awesome. If you get it wrapped I am sure you will love it.

  3. paul708

    paul708 Site Sponsor

    I am a GUSA dealer.
    they are nice blanks, if you like the action and think you can use it get it wrapped and try it
    mikes about right with retail
  4. bunile

    bunile Senior Member

    Thanks, I was happy when I got that blank, I didn't realize it was that expensive, I have seen china blanks as low as 25-50 $ advertised at the fred hall show, but yeah, these are better. I am probably going to keep it then because it would be like getting a great custom rod for 1/2 the price and I really don't do that good at selling stuff, I am way better at buying, (aint it the truth?) Happy fishing and this fall it looks like a project for someone , until then I will start nosing around at custom rod builders and what all is involved etc. but it will just be a slow process because I am busy doing my old rods still getting them in the water, THANKS for having a reply, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  5. Billy 40

    Billy 40 Senior Member

    Made in China - GMIC, not G-USA, lol.
  6. Capt Richie

    Capt Richie Site Sponsor

    I have built on made in china blanks & there the only ones I ever had problems with..No more, now all made in USA.........You can keep that s**t!!!!!!..
  7. Rodwinder

    Rodwinder Senior Member

    Made in China - GMIC, not G-USA, lol.

    LMAO :D