Keep Your Dikes Handy!!!! GRAPHIC Video

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by CAP, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. CAP

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    This is a buddy of mine attempting to extricate a hook lodged in his finger. Considering his situation I think he did OK, but I just mailed him a pair of heavy duty wire cutters. I am posting this as a reminder to be careful and make sure you remember those pliers.

    Putfile - pink rapala

    (PS. I told him to purchase that pink mirrolure because it will catch anything. I didn't realize that included people.)
  2. OUCH!!!! Been there but had a little easier time since the hooks were thinner wire.

    Phantom Fisherman

  3. Snagged

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    For quality offshore hooks you need bolt cutters.
  4. Argo

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    looks like he had a syringe of local sitting there. I have done that pulling an 11/0 out of my local anesthetic, I did have a scalpel to cut the skin open and get the tip of the hook out, foot skin is pretty tough.....either way, looks like a fun afternoon. :)