Kayak jigging AJs

Discussion in 'Reef fish' started by YakJigger, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Heres some pics from a trip last year to the south tower out of rudee inlet, VB. We jigged and live baited some Ajs from the yaks. The action was non-stop. We caught fish as soon as our jigs or bait hit the water. The fish werent huge but lots of fun from the yaks about 40-50" range. This was a bad ass trip fishing with Ken Neill who was willing to drag our yaks 60 miles offshore aboard his 30ft ablemarle "Healthy Grin". Heres some pics of me, spiderhitch, and Ric Burnley burn'n em up!


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    Dude, keep em coming!! Looks like fun!
    ?Have to be really careful not to tip or drop anything.

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    Good morning from Italy. I do a lot of kayak fishing but most trolling. I am setting up for a jigging trip down to Stromboli, Italy. The water depth I will target will be 60-200 ft (max depth in that area is 2K 200 hundred yards from shore). Right now, my Stella 10K is spooled with 50# PowerPro and a leader of 60# flouro on a Trevala F rod with the drag set to 16lbs. Target fish will be grouper, AJ and Dentex. I fish out of a Prowler 13. Butterfly/Abyss type jigs and live bait will be used.

    I was wondering what your set up is/was and if you have run into any particluar problems while jigging from your kayak.

    Thanks for your time. I wish I could see your photos.

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    I like your manta ray. It sits a bit higher and probably makes it easier to jig than the prowler, which leads me to the question above.

    Ameriyaker, I think sitting close to the water is the biggest drawback to jigging in a yak. There is not much room to sweep the rod.