JX or narrow POR 30

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    I have just received new 600g OTI jigging rod & ill be using it next week on the BIG E 52hr .The dilemma is will my JX buttoned down to 20# of drag handle AMBERJACK & GROUPER at the rigs ? or should I use the PRO 30 it is heavy but lots of drag. The two reels are filed with 130# spectra is 80# mono-flor.top shots heavy enuf line to jigging around rigs.:confused:
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    My humble opinion is if the Aj's and Grouper are small you'll be o.k., but if you hook anything over 40lbs in the AJ class you might be undergunned. I can't imagine jigging with a Pro 30 though.

    If you have a buddy with a Hoo-X, borrow it, but be ready to buy him a new one if it gets pulled out of your hands and into the drink! LOL!

    Good Luck on the trip, and make sure to post up some pictures and a good report! Wish I was going! If you get the chance, talk to Capt. Frank about the Big E being sold, would like to know how things are going with that and when it will be gone.

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf


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    I caught a AJ over 40lbs on a jX and it worked great. I wouldnt want anything heavier jigging....
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    You hunting dangerous game with a pea shooter with the JX.