July 6 North of Provincetown

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    With a calm sea and a few hours on my hands, I headed out around Race Point this morning for a few hours of fishing--solo. Launched at 5 a.m.

    Got to the fishing areas a little before 6 and headed off looking for life. It wasn't long before I was in the middle of dozens of fish, and started casting, and casting and casting. After about an hour, with fish seemingly everywhere, I changed the pace of my retrieve on a Shibuki. Five yards off the boat, a Bluefin grabbed the plug and took off on a tear.

    A few runs of a couple hundred yards each told me I had a good fish. Since I was out there solo in a twenty-two footer, I had my hands full fighting the fish and keeping the boat in position.

    I concentrated on technique, let my big Stella do the work, saved my energy for the end game and was rewarded with a tired 68.5" BFT at boatside 35-40 minutes later.

    When the fish got near the boat, rod in my left hand and 8' gaff in the right, I made a good shot at the lower jaw and got lucky with a direct hit the first try. Then grabbed my pliers, unhooked the Shibuki, stuck my rod tip down to the middle of the tail where it hooked on the bump and marked the fish's mouth on the rod. I swam it on the gaff for several minutes and then away it went.

    On my way back, I bumped into Kil, John, Yong, Kil's son and Captain Dom. They had also scored a few fish and were ready to call it a day.

    Sometimes things work as planned.

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    lucky man....we tried to get out on the 2nd but the weather just wasn't happening. glad you all got into some fish!!

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    Glad to read the nice fish are still there !

    Some rough seas you can had eh??:D
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    Congrats Roger and Kil!

    Sounds like it was lights out everywhere yesterday. It's amazing how its like a switch gets flipped sometimes.
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    There's been a lot of discussion lately about the weight of Bluefin tuna. Unless you keep it and bring it to a scale, or have the ability to weigh it on-board which I don't, you have to make an estimate. The NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service has an estimating document on its web site, in the Library section.

    The NMFS table says that fish between 59 and 73" run between 135 lbs. and 235 lbs. These are averages and individual fish vary, it doesn't say by how much. But another report on its site shows that even in the Massachusetts area, fish weight varies by diet. Fish Weight and Diet

    Knowing that fish weight varies by length and girth, and knowing that both increase as the length goes up, the weight increases by a factor times the cube of it's length LxLxL. So I did some algebra to come up with the formula for fish in the 59 to 73 inch range, using the NMFS table end points. Here it is:

    NOAA NMFS Estimated Weight = Lengthcubed/3,183 x (2.8 - Length x 0.12), the length is in inches.

    So the NOAA NMFS estimated weight of the 68.5" fish I caught earlier in the week is 200 lbs.

    I caught it using a OTI Tuna Sniper 40/60. The drag was set to 18 lbs. and increased to about 30 lbs. on the longest run. I had considered buying the Sniper 60/80 but thought that the 40/60 would be less stiff. The 40/60 seems like a great rod for these fish.