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It is Always great to outfit boats.
Either for jigging or for tourney fishing.
Or just the weekend warrior out for a better product.

I have Been working with Capt Josh Temple Welcome to Prime Time Adventures
Most guys know him.

We came up with a new series for him. 2 rods View attachment 10073
These are Nice ACID WRAPPED Rods and a Spinner for Tuna or other species.

He has been fishing them for the past few weeks.
Down in mexico.

His first impression was that they were a "piece of art" View attachment 10072
i am hoping they get bent and bloddy.

Just some great news for JPR.

i hope 2010 will be EPIC:D
We are Always looking for New products and New Guys to outfit.

Here are a few pics of the rods.
We used a JPR blank and fuji guides, seat.
They have a great action and power.


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Nice but don't hold old on the build details. Looks like you used BMNAGs...
BMNAG yep.
yeah, we thru them on for the testing.

MNSG, ICMNSG and Titanium frame will also be available.

These are appox 5'8"OAL.
We custom cut the blanks a little.

They can be built from 7' to about 5'3"
We havent done any shorter than 5'3"
but the shorter rods have worked very well.
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