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    The John Baker reel finally arrived after a long wait. From what I understand, this is the first production run. It has been field tested numerous times. It comes with a wood box. (Period). It has no instructions, no schematic, no oil, no wrench, no warranty card. It came with some foam on the bottom of the box and some bubble wrap on the top.

    The finish is a nice light gold anodized aluminum. The markings or etching of the JB12 is very light. Not deeply engraved. The knob is made of delrin. It has a nice feel to it. It also has lugs which are angled back toward the angler unlike the common top of the reel. This is a topless reel, giving you access to the line.

    The main reason I bought this reel is because I was under the impression that you could shift the 2 speed with your thumb without your hand leaving the handle. You have to pull out and twist the shift knob to change gears. I have no idea how you can tell which gear you are in without cranking the handle. I don't like the shifting knob or the way it works. It also feels loose and wobbly.

    The clicker is hard to get to if you have big fingers. I have a big problem. Others many not. It also is spring loaded and you have to pull out and twist to go in and out of the click mode.

    The handle is loose. I have about 1/2 inch of play in the crank, back crank. It's as if someone machined the handle to big on the shaft. The handle arm looks strong but it feels funny being loose.

    The drag preset knob is located like most others. This one is loose. It doesn't turn evenly when adjusting. Like a wobbly wheel on a bend shaft. Maybe something is wrong with one.

    As far as drag, it feels smooth, but I'm afraid to load it up with line as I don't know if I have any warranty. I have no idea of the line capacity, drag capability or anything else because it comes with no information what so ever. I have taken some pictures next to other reels to give you an idea of the size. It's about the size of a Accurate 665W.

    Keep reading this thread as I will continure to update pictures and facts about this reel. (Last sentence added on 12/31/07)

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    more pics

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    Mr. Bill,Thanks for the great pictorial report ,I guess the big question of whether the reel is worth the $ will be answered when you catch some tuna with it. I am trying to make a decision of either the accurate 665 or the JB Your opinion is appreciated ----John
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    Thanks for the pictures and review Mr. Bill.

    Tom - DBG
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    which one of the six is the best.
  9. SkeeterRonnie

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    if the accurate had harness lugs, the decision would be easy for me. I dont like the get strapped brackets.. they get in the way. My noodle sized arms cant sustain 25# of drag for an hour... :)
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    So what is your final take on it MR Bill? I expected everyone to drool over it after the announcement. I think its cheap of them not to include instructions, lube, schematics etc

    I love the 665/2speed, if i only had lugs as skeeterronnie said would be perfect
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    To be honest, I don't like the speed shift knob. I break things all the time. I just might bust it with a fish on trying to shift speeds. I do like the placement of the lugs, but I've never used lugs on a "Mighty Mouse" size reel.

    The clicker knob isn't really a big deal to me. I only use a clicker when trolling. If a reel is in your hands, why do you need a clicker? That's why God gave us a thumb. I always use my thumb on the spool if chucking from a free spool.

    I don't like the play in the handle. I hate to take it apart without knowing if it comes with any warranty. A schematic sure would be nice. It might just need some adjustiing.

    In the pictures are the Accurate 665, 665W, Torsa 30, Torque 300, and Tourque 200 with the Baker 12.
  12. Bret

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    Have you contacted Baker about the play in the handle??? He might want to know about it and get it fixed.... Looks like a nice reel.. I guess you will know more when you crank on a couple of tunas with it..
  13. jureal

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    That play in the handle is probably due to not having any anti-reverse bearings on the handle shaft. This is true of the Avets as well. Shimano and Accurates all use the anti-reverse bearings in the shaft.

    This is the email addy that I have for John Baker. Try emailing him your concerns. [email protected]
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    i think it depends on application. From what I've heard, the JB reels are a very high quality product. However they're heavier than a lot of the reels like Accurate and Avet. If I was going to use it for jigging I would think accurates or avets would be my choice. However for a smaller chunking reel then I might go with the JB for price and the lugs.

    But MrBill - feel free to bring that reel out this weekend and I'll give it a test run, haha!;) :D
  15. SkeeterRonnie

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    i dont like the avets for jiggin because of the nonexistant anti-reverse bearings. The clunk bugged the shiet out of me when poppin that jig.
  16. SpecialK

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    I too have received my John Baker. Mine is a JB 6 wihtout lugs. I have to agree with MrBill on the problems that it has. I do not believe that it will break. Mine came with line on it.(made sure I could return it first.) I test out the drag as much as my weak 30lb scale would take and it was as smooth as could be. My only real concern is that the studs for the clamp will not fit any reel seat on any rod that I own. I sent mine back today and the guys at Charkbait and trying to see if JB will take another body and make the "Stance" wider.

    Chrakbait has really been helpfull with all of this. They sent me a UPS tag so that I got free shipping again.
    I think the reel would be really great if it did not present the problems mentioned. Can you get an accurate b2-665 to hold anywhere near 40lb of drag? After the 30lb tests i am under the impression that it would take more...
  17. lite-liner

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    Kurtis, are you fishing w/ a rod that max'es 40# drag? I'm not sure, but my
    665 makes 35# on my scale @ full, and that's plenty for ANY kind of tuna,
    AJ, or Wahoo fishing I intend to do w/ anything less than a 50w/roller rod.
    I guess what I'm sayin is (no offense to either of you on your purchase)
    with the cost of these high end reels what they are, are you willing to be a guinea-pig for a $400+ reel? I can only hope it will end well for you, MrBill.
    I would not have much confidence in that reel after reading your review.
    tight lines
  18. SkeeterRonnie

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    sounds like it was thrown together, instead of the meticulous name BAKER signifies.
  19. fishr1989

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    what puts me off aside from the wobbly bits you mentioned, is the fact that there are only 2 screws holding the seat to the frame, rather than 4 like the Accurate 665 has. I suppose that with the rod clamp it shouldn't be a problem. but, it doesn't seem to go with the JB name.
  20. MrBill

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    I have emailed John Baker at the address Jureal listed. I asked him some questions. I look forward to hearing from him. I'm not knocking the reel just yet. Don't knock anything you haven't fished. I don't own an Avet or any reel that has that back side play on the handle. I'm just not used to that feeling of play on the anti-reverse. The last time I used a reel with that back play, I shattered the pinion gears. You probably know which brand I'm talking about.

    In fact, I met a guy this past weekend with a blue one. I was scared to death that he was going to do the same thing as I saw him getting after a 127 lb tuna. I had to walk away as I didn't want to make a negative comment and make him lose his fish. I was proud of myself. I never said a word about the reel. But, I did think it was going to explode. Glad it didn't. He was a nice guy. His rod ended up looking like chit. The rail did a number on it.

    I will say that the Baker has a very nice free spool. The aluminum machining is very nice with almost invisible turning marks. I just wish they would have included some kind of paperwork.