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With this being one of my last weekends in the area. I made a trip to
Kilsongs Jigging World shop. Kil was nice enough to be avliable for this visit
although his shop is still a little while from being open to regular puplic hours.
This was my second visit with the first being last fall. His inventory seems to have doubled or trippled since then.

Besides Heru poppes, Shibuki and Gunz lures I picked up nice JM jig bag
and JM jigging hooks. Here's a photo of the hooks as photos of the lures and JM jig storage bag I picked up have already been shown on this site.
I made a quick assist rig out on one a few moments ago, just because.;)

It was another fine visit with even a finer gentleman.



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Thansk Kevin for visiting my shop. I can not say it is a shop as it is more like a small storage room. :) But it will be changed soon. I got a new bigger space in the same building and the new space is under construction now.
I expect to move to new space by the end of April so that I can open the new shop as of May 1st. I plan to have seminars like jigging, popping, knot tying, reel maintenance, jigging and popping rod building, Gyotaku (art of fish printing) demonstration, etc. on a regular basis. I am pretty excited about it.
experts on the each field like Basil, tunatoys, rodwinder and Gyotaku artist already promoised to join.

The more I get to know about Jigging Maser products, the more I am impressed. Eventually I'll introduce every products which JM makes to the US.
I got a delivery of two pages JM jig bags, but they are available only to those who made preorder as the quantity is limited this time. I expect I get more bags next month.
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