JM GT Monster Popping Rod

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    Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone has ever fished this rod. I know the JM Power Spell gets very high reviews but I don't know anything about their Popping rod. I have the opportunity to get one, and just not sure if it is worth it or not. How would it compare to the 60 - 80 Tuna Sniper or BD 200? Thanks in advance you tackle ho's you!
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    here is rod info on Jigging Master site.

    For targeting GT/BFT/YFT, designed to be 30/70 action which is superb for super long distance popper casting to raise up the "hito" ratio.

    Weigh lifting test :

    Vertical : 10Kg
    50 degrees : 22Kg
    Popper : 100g ~180g
    Selfweigh : 420g( Aluminum balancing accessories excluded)

    I expect new shipment of the popping rods will arrive in Oct.
    I can not tell about the rod as I haven't seen them myself, but they should be good as JM tested the prototype popping rods over years to be accepted to their standard.
    I am currently carry OTI and OR Black Devil 200. I plan to introduce a few more Japanese top quality popping rods along with JM popping rod soon so that customers have more choices to select.

  3. SteelingHeads

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    Thanks for the response Kil. I have a Tuna Sniper and BD 200 already, just saw this rod and was curious about it. Looks like an awesome rod, but hard to be sure without handling it.