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I was bored to death today. The last few weeks I have bought and received some jigs. I keep my tackle at the coast, but decided to open up the packages and play with them. Below are some of the jigs I purchased. If I could figure out how to type inbetween the pics I would tell you what brand and size of jigs are shown.


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Thanks for posting. I love jigs. Thanks for the info on the spros. I like the spros a lot as well. My Jack Knife broke in half--I was a little disappointed in it. Please report back on how these jigs perform.


Those abalone Spro jigs looks better in real life. They are only 80 grams. Expensive but the best looking jig I have ever seen. The Seven Seas jigs are the "Super Hologram" ones. I haven't fished them yet, but I'm sure the results will be impressive. I can't wait to fish with Ksong. I'll buy him a beer and make him a sandwich if will just let me watch at a distance. I'm bringing 3 or 4 jigging setups on the Cinco trip just in case I bust some rods.

The Jack-Knife jigs by Smith Ltd of Japan are also very well cast with sharp edges. Also pictured are the Smith CB Nagamasa & the CB Masamune jigs.

I bought the new black chrome Catchy Tackle jigs just came on the market and are killing the tuna off the West coast. The jigs in the PICS are all new, and I bought a bunch. Over 100 pounds worth of jigs in the last three weeks. I ran out of owner solid and split rings yesterday when rigging them. The funny thing is I have over 200 assist hooks in various sizes. I guess I need to brush up on my purchase management skills.

One jig you cannot have enough of is the Spro bucktails. In the picture they are from 6 oz to 1 oz. They are by far the productive bucktail that has ever hit the market. If there is any fish around, it will hit the Spro bucktail. Awesome around rigs and rock formations. The small sizes are the best bait catching jigs bar none.
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