Jigs in Bulk?

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    Hey guys I’m a jig maker out of Louisiana,
    I hand make vertical jigs, squid jigs large egg sinkers and deep drop weights. I ship all over the US using usps flat rate boxes.

    If anyone is looking for a quality USA made product shoot me a message on my page @ Pontchartrain jigs!

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    I will check it out. So wish you were on the west side of Louisiana. We have our sailboat in a slip in Lake Charles.
    I don't mind ordering though.
    I would love to visit some weekend. I have family in Gretna and Baton Rouge over that way.
    Maybe you should get active in this forum.
    You have any suggestion on what is hooking fish in the Gulf south of us?

    Edit: Just followed you on fb
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    Smart phone you typed this out on was manufactured in China.

    Your TV and/or its components manufactured in China.

    Lots more too.

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    Yeah. Same here. I actually ordered some jigs off eBay from an American reseller and they were garbage.

    I ordered from DHgate or Alibaba and they were pretty decent. Not bad for 3 bucks a clip.
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