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Jigs&Assist hooks

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KSong, since you are our resident Guru of Jigging, I request your advice. I also request advice from McGolfer, Minnow, & all I Have left out, who have experience in this area. I'm preparing for late Nov. Big E trip. What brand jigs & assist hooks do you use?what size/length assist hooks for each size jig. I just bought 30 knife jigs,on eBay, w/ assist hooks tied w/300# Spectra& shrink tubing.3/0,5/0, &9/0 size.Did I screw up,& waste my money? Is Kevlar better to tie hooks to solid ring?(10 each 100,150,200g jigs)
Also,I read where you put carbontex washers in your Saltists. I have 2 SST50's, one 4.9, one 6.4. do you feel you got enough improvement in drag performance to justify the time & $22 each? Thanks & good luck this weekend.

Have you come across a site that sells the material in sheets?
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I've used 300# spectra for assist hooks for some time with zero failures.
If you measure your drag washers for OD & ID you'll often be able to find a match or one that can be trimmed to fit.
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