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Jigs&Assist hooks

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KSong, since you are our resident Guru of Jigging, I request your advice. I also request advice from McGolfer, Minnow, & all I Have left out, who have experience in this area. I'm preparing for late Nov. Big E trip. What brand jigs & assist hooks do you use?what size/length assist hooks for each size jig. I just bought 30 knife jigs,on eBay, w/ assist hooks tied w/300# Spectra& shrink tubing.3/0,5/0, &9/0 size.Did I screw up,& waste my money? Is Kevlar better to tie hooks to solid ring?(10 each 100,150,200g jigs)
Also,I read where you put carbontex washers in your Saltists. I have 2 SST50's, one 4.9, one 6.4. do you feel you got enough improvement in drag performance to justify the time & $22 each? Thanks & good luck this weekend.

Have you come across a site that sells the material in sheets?
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call up there to smooth drag and talk to Dawn. You will probably need to send her your drags, and she will match them up. Or as what Snagged suggested, OD-ID, and thickness:then send email her the measurements.
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