Jigging World Promo Continues till 5/13/17--New Product Introduction

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    Memorial Day Promo continues until Wednesday, 5/31!
    Visit our website at http://jiggingworld.com/ to take advantage of this deal.

    These unique rods are all that you love about our Shogun ML, but with higher endurance and power.
    As known as our fluke specialty rod, the Shogun is perfect for Northeast bottom fishing.
    Here is the listing: http://www.jiggingworld.com/shogun-series-rod/

    Check out our Shogun M & MH deadlift video--and maybe like & subscribe to our new Youtube channel while you're at it!

    Ready for Fluke Season?
    We're doing our MOST to help you with this year's fluke trips--
    Our Premium Bucktail Jigs & Power Ball Jig Heads are now available in our brand new color, Pink Shine!
    Pink Shine is half-pink, half-glow--basically the best of both worlds.
    Premium Bucktail Jigs: http://www.jiggingworld.com/jigging-world-bucktail-jigs/
    Power Ball Jig Heads: http://www.jiggingworld.com/power-ball-jig-head/

    A new line of teasers are here:
    Jigging World Feathered Power Ball Jigs!
    These are light-weight teasers that are brightly colored, spiked with feathers, perfect for fluking!
    Meet them here: http://www.jiggingworld.com/jigging-world-feathered-power-ball-jigs/

    Jigging World's very own Extendable Rod Case has arrived!
    These rod cases are great for your multi-rod trips!
    Get yours here: http://www.jiggingworld.com/jigging-world-extendable-rod-case/

    Thank you!​